Yurang The Betrayer

Yurang was a wizard. Yurang wanted a mirror.

The Betrayal in the Tomb

Yurang once hired two mercenaries: Killgore the Killbarian, and Mordeth of the North. He hired them to protect him while he journeyed into the Darkest Dungeon under the ruined church with a few other adventurers. Among these Adventurers were: Finn the Handsome (twice deceased); Hawke the Sloth (still at large, literally (haha)); Hengis the Coward; Sven the Dwarf and her monster-dog Marley (alive); Belmont the Racist Priest (deceased); and Drosdak the Immortal (deceased after being proven mortal).

After Belmont was killed by a poisonous, child sized centipede (of which I assure you is the most terrifying of things), and losing Killgore and Mordeth to a swarm of massive armored beetles, the rest of the party journeyed further into the first floor of the dungeon.

Morale began to drop. The party's only treasure was a 100 foot rope of human hair. Finn, Drosdak, and Hawke tried to raise their spirits by drinking a fair amount of spirits. With their newly found drunken vigor, they ignored Yurang's warnings to not go past the cold room into the tomb below the burial mound.

"To glory!"

The trio set out, abandoning the dwarf, the dog, the coward, and the betrayer.

Yurang had encountered the horror that lived in the tomb before. He decided to draw a line of oil, and would drop a torch the second things went wrong. Hengis (now known as Killgore II) agreed with the plan.

An unseen but not unnoticed fiend stalked the drunk trio through the tomb. Finn immediately tossed his shield so he could springt faster, and called out for the others to start running. He rounded the corner to see Yurang and Killgore drop their torches and cut off the escape.

"Betrayers!" Finn loosed an arrow straight through Yurang's helmet. Yurang fell dead. He left his treasures of 900 silver and 100 feet of human hair on the dungeon's floor.

As Finn nocked a second arrow to slay Killgore II, the tomb's horror reached with an icy hand and drained the life out of the handsome archer.

Alive and Vilified in Death

The tragic tale of Finn and Yurang was immortalized by the poet A. Winston Willoughby. A statue depicting Yurang's death is found outside the church in Sftabhmontown.

Alive and Vilified in Undeath

An adventuring party including the disastrous Captain Mirvan recently came back from the church with word that Yurang is still in this world. Eyebefory fell as the party pushed a boulder away from the burial mounds entrance. His attacker: a withered man wearing a helmet pierced by an arrow who was muttering about his lost 900 silver.

Yurang lives.

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