Ahab Winston Willoughby was the third youngest of the famous thirteen Willoughby brothers. He normally fit the physical description of a hafling of the north, but was also frequently seen in the shape of a large wolf, or as a 12 foot tall giant.

It is possible that he was a more insidious creature, such as a spriggan or a firbolg.


The Bandit Camp

The adventuring party saw the deaths of two Willoughby brothers during their first entrance to the bandit camp that lay south of Sftabmonton. Willow Willoughby was slain by archers who gaurded the hidden forest road, and Theodred Willoughby was slain by the halfling bandit leader, Sureshot Shortbottom. Ahab arrived shortly after, and avenged his brothers by executing Sureshot.

Artistic Pursuits

Willoughby was a poet and sculptor. He penned the now famous poem "Yurang the Betrayer," and bult its accommodating statue outside the Sftabmonton church. He designed a tribute to himself standing over the corpses of three slain ogres titled "Suck it, Giants." He also wrote the moderately successful epic Pride and Extreme Prejudice after he slayed Hifflid.

The Vampire and the Wolf

Willoughby was with the party when they originally encountered the Vampire of Horseladder Tower, Neko Vandoven. Fearing for the safety of his sandwiches, Willougbhy attempted to stab the gaunt undead lord in its hands. This attack failed to even get the vampire's attention. Willoughby fled with the rest of his party.

When the party returned to Horseladder tower to destroy its vampiric overlord, Neko, they decided to follow an old local legend to aid in the coming battle. A crazed old man had once told the group that any person who swims naked across a misty lake with a dagger in their mouth will arrive on a strange island. On this island, they must slay a wolf and wear its skin. This would, allegedly, give them the power to change into a wolf.

Willoughby bravely volunteered to pursue the legend. He swam beyond the vision of his allies, naked and with a dagger in his mouth, and returned several hours later as a wolf. This new form allowed Willoughby to cause great harm to Neko. Willoughby and Killgore overwhelmed the vampire, and allowed Buffalo to deliver the finishing blow with a bottle of holy water.

Killgore's Talking Sword

Willoughby snuck around and convinced Killgore, and most of their allies, that Killgore's sword was a magical, talking blade.

Kazekish the Undying

When the party first encountered Kazekish, Willoughby snuck into the Bog Elf Lord's lair and attempted to steal the Baelnorn's spell-book. This forced a long and deadly battle. The fight ended when Willoughby recklessly charged the elf lord and delivered a near fatal blow before becoming paralyzed by the lich's icy touch. The wizard, Buffalo Buffalo, then defeated Kazekish by bashing his skull in with a wooden staff.

Hifflid the Green Dragon

Everyone in the western isles knows the story of the Giant WIlloughby and his sidekick, Grimgut the Devourer, who saved the lives of Silent X and Killgore by tearing the head off the terrible green dragon, Hifflid.

The Adventure Guild

The Adventure Guild was an extortionist racket run by Willoughby, Captain Mirvan Slaughterton, Wheede Spliffemanne, and Deagh. They successfully conned the upstart sorcerer, Morden Mordeth, but failed the con anyone else out of a single silver piece.

Merona Jane's Bane

When the party attacked the dreaded pirate, Merona Jane, Willougbhy led a small commando party named "Team Strike Force" that proved absolutely critical in the fight. After assassinating the pirate queen's sorcerer, Willoughby and Grimgut exposed the location of Jane and her officers. Once Jane was held by a cleric's magic, Willougbhy transformed into a terrifying giant, and successfully bullied the remaining sixty-some pirates into accepting an unconditional surrender.

Blint's Awsome Legendary Sword

Willoughby and Deagh commissioned a sword to be made that looked identical to the legendary sword, Retribution, that Blint the Arbiter had spent his life seeking. Willoughby had a small chuckle when Blint realized he had been duped, but it wasn't as funny as his earlier sword-related prank against Killgore.

Lord Winter's Troll

Willoughby won a one on one rap battle against a troll who guarded the back entrance to Lord Winter's castle. The troll died of either being owned so thoroughly by a true "rap assassinator," or by the trauma caused by the uncountable number of flaming arrows fired from the rest of the party after the duel had finished.


The Sir
The Lord
The Poet Warrior
The Original Prankster
The Avenger of Brothers
The Deceiver
The Son of Loki
The Original Gangster
The Hellpit Abomination
The Winter's Wolf
The Pirate's Bane
The Slayer of Hifflid the Dragon
The Vampire's Adversary
The Thief who Braved the Lich's Tomb
The Godslayer


Willoughby had decided to retire from adventuring for good, but was coaxed by his friends into helping track down the witch who turned Sheba the Destroyer into a pig. Willoughby climbed on top of the witch's comical gingerbread house after she had hilariously flown out of the house with her froggy familiar in hand. The legendary hero, Ahab Winston Willougbhy The Deceiver, was then blown up by the witch's less humorous fireball.

Carriers of Kazekish's enchanted spellbooks
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