Wheede Spliffmanne

Wheede Spliffmanne served as the party's diplomat, was the successor wizard to Buffalo, and was a dear friend of Captain Mirvan, Willoughby and Morden Mordeth.

He sought adventure and fame, but always wanted to end a fight without bloodshed.

His was the path of a true hero; he trusted his life with his words, and placed his courage in a handshake.

Tragically, he was slain when the evil banshee, Teema of the North Tower, cried out. Upon hearing her haunting cry, Wheede realized his doom: too many heroics bursting forth from his mortal heart, and a will too strong for this rotten world. His body gave out, and the world has only suffered from this loss.

Carriers of Kazekish's enchanted spellbooks
Book 1 Willoughby - Buffalo - Deagh (stolen) - Buffalo - Silent X - Wheede Spliffmanne - Morden Mordeth - Mumblefluff
Book 2 Mumblefluff
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