In Braynoch's Cliff: a spark is struck we rescued gierdha. She offered to train a qualifying mortal in the secret ways of her order.

To qualify, you would need to be:

  • Female1
  • Human2
  • Sufficiently hot (fighter level 6)
  • Willing to live forever (or until Ragnarok, whichever comes first)

Instead of improving as a fighter the initiate would gain the following abilities, one per level, in any order:

  • Fear gaze
  • Locate object at will
  • Immunity to cold and fire
  • Entangling whip3

Upon receiving the third power at 9th level the initiate would also get wings and magic resistance and would be a Valkirie, doomed to harvest the souls of men until the day of the final battle between good and evil. Yeah!

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