Topp Foppman

Topp "Of the Pops" Foppman is a first level fighter whose adventures currently include, exclusively, boating to a party and then partying there. This is probably too soon after the deaths of his family for that to be appropriate.

The Queste for One Weirde Tricke…

Topp Foppman's mother, the Baroness Foppman, discovered one weird trick, the ramifications of which would shatter mere mortal understanding. Overcome with the need to spread this secret for a reasonable price, she began spreading it throughout the family domain.

Doctors hated her for her one weird trick, for shadowy reasons yet unknown.

In the dead of night a coterie of medically-trained malefactors stole into the barony and slew the line, except for Topp Foppman who was out engaging in outrageous foppery. The house of Foppman is, for all purposes, no more.

It is now Topp Foppman's mission to discover this one weird trick, and use it to bring down Big Alchemy.

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