The Quest of the Great Lantern

One fine day Buffalo, having gone to some lengths to acquire a small quantituy of coffee, set about studying some books. But, unused to the exotic beverage, his hands shook and he upset his candle. Suddenly he was in danger of burning down the library, with himself in it! He called out to the gods to aid him - turns out they heard him. Not only did he ruin his notes but now a quest has been bestowed upon him as well - to restore the great lantern. It took a while but eventually he found out what he had to do.

Secret Lore gained at great expense

Once upon a time there was a tower, guarded by men, built by dwarves, that housed a great elf light shining over the sea. Now only folk tales tell of this.

The story is that something terrifying came up and struck at the dwarf people there. This creature is known as Kytheria the Black. Kytheria began to swallow shiny things and desired to swallow the elf light. When it struck the men who guarded the tower they fled with the light. First they fled to the boglands but the elves there rebuked them. In desperation they set to sea but were attacked by giants from the northeast.

Journey to the boglands

Following the path of the lantern, we traveled to the boglands northeast of Sftabhmontown. There we discovered that the bog elves' lord, Kazekish the Undying had withdrawn from the world and cared little for our quest. So we killed him and took his spellbook and his treasure. Unfortunately he woke and now travels the world pursuing nefarious goals.

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