The Endumbening Of Harald The Hweakling

Mukroc did not have opportunity—or need—to curse Harald the Weakling with this bombastic endumbening. The bold young cleric's hold spell held! And as he approached to mete the coup de grace on the quisling nemesis—a short sharp shock to the Harry's eggy brainhouse with Bloodmace—he incanted the words of the wouldbe curse, thus:

Hweakling Harald—Hwæt!
Hove here in his high home
Hear the humblebee hymn of hmmmmmmmm
mmmmmmmMukroc! Anhealer, Hammer of the
his simple un
blessing to

you—it's simple
as simple
as simplicity

as simple assssssss
sssssssimple to n bleedbleat your
ssssssimple too sssimple to yr magic any
more too ssssimple to ssssave you you

…& thereby endumbening the wizard the old fashioned way (and offering fine tribute to Bloodmace as well).

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