The Dudestrom

The Dudestrom


The Dudestrom was a cocky, slightly jerkish badass. He thought he was more powerful than he actually was.

Also, he was turned into a woman in the lair of a Lich, but he retained his machismo. He went on a request to recover his original genitals (mostly just the berries, not the twig). He did not want new male parts - only his old ones. Anything else is a downgrade.

He joined the party as they set out for Elf Land, because that place is messed up so it might have the freaky wizard who stole his lizard.

Lizard is a euphemism here.

Sick Exploits

Yeah, Dudestrom liked to mess things up - he was a get shit done kind of lady. But mostly, he liked to bluster and get the party into trouble.

He lead the party to a sweet beaver dam and they met an Efreet named Tfrara who wants to help out for a year and a day (or until she gets Gazooks and Ruddy killed).

He got the party into a big fight with a bunch of jerks in Elf Town. He thought his awesome Vine Truth spell would help, but everybody just hated him. We beat up a lightning bolt with google eyes though, and captured a miniature woman with a magic want, so it worked out.

One time the Dudestrom slid into a hall of elves invisibly and then quickly reappeared, announced how foolish the elves were to have irked The Dudestrom, and put all 9 of them to sleep with an awesome sleep spell. The sleeping elves were then burned alive. Job well done, Dudestrom.

Special K and the Instant Galvanic Thrust

Dudestrom died doing what he loved - being blasted with lightning by a Lich named Kazeckish. He leaves behind one handsome cadaver and a 5000 silver piece home in Sstabmohntown.

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