The Demon Queen


The Demon Queen is a dead jerk we hate. Baelfjord punched her head off one time and we kept the head because we're weird and you don't mess with us.


There are monks of the Pandocar order inside of this dungeon still, who are attempting to free the Demon Queen. Ser Cleve is likely with them still, charmed by their leader and likely going to be sacrificed. The exact location of Cleve has been discovered, and this location put upon the Grand Unified Map. It's also possible that the monks holding Cleve aren't actually humans at all, but disguised Rakshasa. Goddamn Rakshasa.

Jebjik's Confessions

Jebjik, devil-priest of the heretics, the Lizard Man, is repentant, saved from the demons beneath the Cliff by a Hero of the Calnican Order, Benedictish Frankwich, who even now works to make the home of the saint here in Huge Red more beautiful, and his companions. Hear the hell-cleric’s confessions:

How much of this is actually useful (or accurate) information is yet to be known.

It was also revealed through careful questioning: that the hides of succubi are not pierced by ordinary weapons, and can only be harmed by weapons that are blessed; that the best treasures in the dungeon were made in offering to the six serpents, that can be reached by stairs south-southwest of where Jebjik was captured; that Brother Sevick of Wickrobe tower traded Pandocar acolytes for free access to the dungeon; and that there are only a few lizard folk remaining on upper levels, although there are more in the Fortress, including Greyton Algrath the mage who was last seen south, by the magic pool, and High Priests on lower levels where they can best serve Her.

Ghost Friends

The tortured souls of many holy warriors still roam the dungeon, living out a distorted idea of the last days for eternity. While they believe they won their battle long ago against the demons, they also believe the battle is still raging below, causing uncomfortable difficulty in talking to them.

The ghost of King Aaron still resides within the fortress level, we were completely unable to even hit him due to him becoming ethereal but ultimately, he's just a confused ghost of a dude who doesn't actually dislike us at all, so we can probably just leave him alone and maybe say "Hey dude" next time we pass by. He spoke the demon queen's name, and his horrifying visage caused all to age ten years. He still thinks he won the battle, despite his ghost constantly bleeding like a stuck pig with two sabers sticking out of his sides. What a silly guy. Aaron managed to give us the Demon Queen's true name as well, which you absolutely shouldn't ever say out loud under any circumstances for serious, which is "ki-sikile-lil-la-kay". Creative detective work by Baelfjord and Ruddy Flynn in the libraries of the Calnican monks in Huge Red found references to the super evil and badass Lilith. Succubi, snake ladies and freakydeaky lizard things? Sounds about right.


Baelfjord obtained the location of two swords that would help in the slaying of the Demon Queen. After travelling to Myrwall and defeating Stephan the Faun, Hugh and Dory, a Sirenlady and a douchevulture, the party safely made away with the two swords, inhabited by the demon "Ill-Ale-Knoe", who really wants to kill the Demon Queen and is good at it. There's also a chance anyone who takes up the sword would get fucked up and possessed or something by them.


As per Maxwell's description in, we found out that the Demon Queen resides on level 10, in a throne room with a statue and six pillars. Additionally, she has two serpent bodyguards that we know nothing about, but should be wary of. There's two sets of pools just west of here, and drinking from the northern one is a good idea.

Body Guards

The two guards of the Demon Queen are (something) the red, a great serpent atop a pile of treasure, and a three headed beast. The three headed monstrosity has the head of a goat, a lion, and a serpent. Both are loyal to the Demon Queen, but also are true to their own specific nature.

Additionally, she is likely to have vrocks and basilisks with her.

Known Powers

Thanks to Gierdha the rescued valkyrie, we were able to find out some specific powers she has from the last time she fought against her. Our first battle revealed their true nature.

  • Six armed & wields 3 magic swords that will shreck us
  • Mass Charm (from her scepter, possibly at will she did it like 5 times: anyone under 6HD is automatically charmed, all others save)
  • Changes shape
  • Projects Image (possibly at will, but at least 3 times per day)
  • Turn ethereal (possibly at will again)
  • ESP or something she defs knows where we are and what we're planning when we get close to her

Other clues and Info

  • We've so far found burning runes that said "Blood of Kings" and "For the blood of all the Queens of Lonhall" inside the dungeon.
  • On the first level, we found a shattered blade buried in the soft earth of a hidden room.
  • A monk ghost on the second level told us that the lizard cultists used to be people, possibly elves.
  • A four-armed snake woman was identified as one of the daughters of the Demon Queen.
  • The Demon Queen has two serpent bodyguards.
  • There is a fortress level, divided into three parts for easy defense, and likely would have a lot of armaments and easily defensible positions. Clearing and fortifying this area again might cut off anything from the lower levels from coming up.
  • Possibly guards a sealed doorway straight to hell itself.
  • We learned she does not want to engage us in a straight fight and would rather hide like a coward and project her image to us or lure us to other monsters


One time we spent all day chasing the Demon Queen through the dungeon as she jumped through ethereal planes. But we figured out her trick and next week we went to the dungeon as ghosts and met her in combat after chasing her around forever again. Raddoh terrified her into hiding and then Baelfjord, Princess, Reta, and Benedictish cornered her in the spirit world and Baelfjord punched her to death, it was gruesome but also awesome. We took her fancy rod and all her jewelry and sealed her from entering either the physical or ethereal plane again.

Don't fuck with us or this will happen to you too.

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