The Squad Game: Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons league

Rules of the squad game

  1. Choose your adventuring party from among everyone's characters. Don't pick all the same characters as someone else but there's probably going to be some overlap and that's fine.
  2. Pick as many characters as you like.
  3. You must have in your party:
    • At least one cleric
    • At least one magic-user
    • At least one fighter
    • At least one dwarf, elf, halfling, or other class
  4. Characters with multiple classes can play several positions (but may only play one position at a time).
  5. Characters originating in other games should be put in whatever position makes the most sense given their abilities.
  6. Each week you may dismiss zero or one party member. You may also choose to add one new existing character to your party. Do this during the carousing phase.
  7. You may also draft any new 1st level character as they are introduced (there is no limit to this).
  8. You must keep track of the levels of everyone in your party. Total them up. This is your SQUAD STRENGTH.
  9. When a squad member slays a monster divide the exp value of the monster by your SQUAD STRENGTH. You get this many POINTS.
  10. At the end of the season the winner gets bragging rights.
  11. For now we are only using the basic rules. Rules Expansions will be added in once we get the easy stuff figured out.

Rules Expansion 1: Changes to the rules

  1. The rules regarding scoring and squad membership can be changed by a majority vote before the carousing phase each week. Everyone at the game gets a vote.
  2. Expansion 1 rules can be changed only with a 2/3 majority.

Rules Expansion 2: Assists, Counters and Saves

  1. Anyone who inflicts a disabling condition on a monster (for example blindness) will be credited with an assist when the monster is slain. The disabling condition must either substantially reduce a monster's ability to cause harm to the party or make a monster vulnerable to player attacks that would have been immune otherwise.
  2. Anyone who directly rebuffs a monster's attack (such that the attack is wasted and causes no harm) gains a Counter.
    • Casting Protection spell may be a counter only if the monster's melee attack is entirely wasted. If the monster finds someone else to attack that's no good.
    • To get credit for a counter-spell the magic-user must fully thwart the spell attack. No points for partial success. An extremely lucky or skilled magic-user may be able to score a counter and an assist simultaneously. Good luck with that.
  3. When a cleric heals someone who would have otherwise died they are credited with a save.
    • If a cleric heals someone who passes a save vs. death they gain a save.
    • If a cleric cures poison or removes an otherwise lethal curse they gain a save.
    • If a cleric heals someone who later takes enough damage to slay them had they not been healed, the cleric gains a save.
  4. Now that our fighters have access to a variety of magic weapons there are a number of ways for Fighters to score assists, counters, and saves. Let your imagination be your guide.
  5. Assists and Counters are worth a kill of 1/2 the exp. value of the monster.
  6. Saves are worth a kill of the experience value of the character saved.
  7. A magic-user who dispels an otherwise-lethal curse shall be granted a counter, not a save. But the points earned shall be equal to 1/2 the value of a clerical save (determined not by the monster that inflicted the curse but the level of the character saved)

Rules Expansion 3: Damage Dealt and Kills Against

  1. When a character lands a hit in battle the damage total shall be tracked and added to their Damage Dealt (DD) stat.
  2. When a character is slain all clerics in play shall be credited with a Kill Against (KA).
  3. DD and KA currently have no points value.

Official-looking record sheet
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example party

Characters registered for the game

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