Snookums was a war-dog Princess purchased after her previous war-dog was aged 10 years by a ghost (which is basically being dead in dog years) and had to be carried out of the dungeon to retire peacefully.

Unfortunately, Snookums was blind. Shit. Coupled with Princess being mute, the duo faced unique challenges.

How does he even attack?

Dogs are already good at smelling stuff and, like, when you are blind your other senses become keener to compensate, so mostly he would smell and hear where bad shit was.

Princess and Snooks communicated through a system of head taps. If Princess patted his head once, he attacked. on two pats, he stopped. On three, he followed. Dogs are easy to train so this is plausible.

Snooks was actually pretty handy, because invisible things think they are so hot, but they are just as visible to Snookums as every other fucking thing! Take that you jerks!

Snooks "broke his weapon" attacking a gargoyle one time. His weapon was mostly his jaw, but that is ok. Princess got a dwarf to make him a sweet bi-horn hat and now he charges and impales you like a badass unicorn.

Basically living in a bad Mr. Magoo episode (they were all bad episodes)

Sometimes one tap for "go get 'em" leads to trouble. Snooks cannot see pit traps, even after they have been set off. #Goku had to make an athletics check to stop Snooks from blindly wandering down a fatal hole one time. It was hilarious.

Life is Cruel and Everyone Dies and Probably There is no God

Snooks was burned to death by a giant lady with the body of a snake and the torso of a raging bonfire. "Not Snooks!" #Goku shouted. But, unfortunately, Snooks. But he was burned into a puff of smoke and ash as a white hot copper unicorn horn clattered to the ground, the clatter of metal - much louder than it should be - tearing at our hearts with each bound.

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