Silent X

Silent X

He is the halfling of death, baker of cookies, killer of ghouls in the name of all that is good, maker of squeaky noises, stabber of dragons, wielder of Carfar, the dancing prison, slayer of "the east wind's challenge", "the pointy". He is little. He is cute. He is deadly. He is the enemy of yams.

The Creation Story

Once upon a time… no one really knows when exactly… lived a dragon. A great beast of incredible size and strength with scales that shone of gold. It slumbered in its chamber deep below the mountains in the wild of Paraborea, curled over itself upon a mound of treasure unlike any you've ever seen. Gold, gems, weapons, art and objects- beautiful ones, magical ones, strange ones. And somewhere in that heap, an egg, which one day began to twitch and wobble and squeak. Raucous enough to unsettle the great beast above it, the egg split open and as the dragon looked on, a tiny halfling hopped out of the egg. The aged, great beast took a long look at the tiny new being sitting atop its great treasure pile… and as it blinked in disbelief, the little halfling was gone…

The History

Silent X appeared in Sftabhmontown one hot summer day, no one knows where from, it's almost like he was always there, but no one really noticed… Silent X became a local celebrity after opening the Sftabhmontown Bakery from which he supplied everyone with tasty baked goods, but he quickly found it impossible to get good help (read: after his inept assistant nearly burned it down) and thus became a full-time adventurer.

One of the longest-lived adventurers, Silent X is so awesome he's a little chaotic… he's a magical little creature who teleports occasionally, can wander into Elf Land on a whim, and is a small, but terrifying fighter. Incredibly strong and dextrous for his size, Silent X is also incredibly charismatic, probably not because he's especially wordy, his small stature makes him appear cute and unthreatening. He wields Carfar, the dancing prison, a magical short sword from the hoard of a great dragon, and the sword itself has since slain 2 dragons more. Before venturing out to Hell and the Stonelands, Silent X partnered with a rogue elf, Mumblefluff; he taught Mumblefluff how to fight, how to adventure without getting killed, and how to generally be excellent.

Brushes with Death / Feats of Strength

  • Survived the lethal screams of four banshees
  • Withstood the breath weapons of Kytheria the Younger the black dragon, Hifflid Newbung poison dragon, and the red dragon of nine mile island
  • Slayed the red dragon of nine mile island hand-to-hand after teleporting into its poison gas chamber and not dying
  • Lived through the attacks of a pack of 30 ghouls
  • Endured the double level drain of Kazeckish's undead minions and has grown stronger
  • Occasionally embraces role as team paramedic and teleports fellow party members to safety
  • Saw the basilisks and did not succumb to their petrifying gaze
  • Was double level drained for a second time in the dwarf roads under the earth (has been drained of over 48,000 experience to date)


  • black silk cloak of many pockets
  • armour of ethereality (kind of magic)
  • Carfar, the Dancing Prison (magic. from the hoard of Hifflid Newbung)
  • short bow and short bow accesories
  • pointy helmet
  • cookies. always cookies.
Carriers of Kazekish's enchanted spellbooks
Book 1 Willoughby - Buffalo - Deagh (stolen) - Buffalo - Silent X - Wheede Spliffmanne - Morden Mordeth - Mumblefluff
Book 2 Mumblefluff
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