Save Against True Love

Save Against True Love

a tale of romance between worlds

By: Geoffrey Diamonds

Chapter 1.

bjorn was walking near woods with a skip in he step. The words "I am so happy today." pursed his turgid lips as he smirked fascistly

Bjorn Felhard was a very bad man who did bad things like he eats strawberries without taking off the leaves. he once picked up a penny that was face down, and once used a knife to make a staff splintery so the wizard using it was uncomfortable. he likes to break into houses just to show he could if he wanted but doesn't take anything.

Sudden a bad wind blew through trees, Bjorn was Scared and he clutched he sword like a fierce warrior. COME OUT! he yelled into the forest. A young woman wearing leafs approahced and held out a slender hand silently

She was very pretty and had a very nice body and hair and her eyes were full of tears b/c she knew bjorn was a bad man and that he was there to hurt her.

then suddenly Jeffrey Diamond stepped into the clearing and said bravely- bjorn check your privilege and leave her be…

or I will hurt you.

bjorn looked at the ruggedly good looking boy and laughed until his neck jiggled patriarchally and he said "YOUNG CHILD I WILL HURT YOU BOTH IF I PLEASE, THAT IS MY PRIVILEGE!!" and he drew he sword and walked to where handsom boy was standing.

Then the woman whispered something and suddenly time stopped except for jeffrey and her and she approached the boy and said "thank you for your kindness" and turned toward bjorn where she touched is face with a porcupine needle and suddenly a grey splotch appeared and time restarted and bjorn fell screaming as he begin to turn into a stone. "Thanks…. obama…" slipped through his lips as the last gasp of ear left his lungs

Then the woman effortlessly kicked the sword from his hand and said "I am the goddess of the Nature and you cannot harm me ever." and bjorn knew he made a mistake for she was correct.

Then jreffrey approached the woman with fear b/c he knew the nature spirits were very tricky and could steal away people they liked for forever but he was so impressed and in awe at her prowess in battles and beautify that he couldn't help but spout that she was now the object of his romantic intent

she approved and after a discussion of consent held his hand and took him into the woods where they lived happily ever after .

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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