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Ruddy Flynn, the Halfling Sailor, Who Cannot Tell A Lie, Captain of the Halfing Cavalry, is a Level 4 Halfling who valiantly took up arms when the Crimson Dreamweaver abandoned and was subsequently attacked by Captain Bergas and his crew. She is mostly noted for her weapon of choice - a war hammer (halfling sized, of course) and for being the only member of the Halfling Cavalry.


Flynn grew up poor, an unremarkable middle child of a large family. Her father died when she was young; her mother was a kitchen drudge. Flynn was not satisfied with her life, and at maturity decided to strike out on her own, in search of fortune, fame, and adventure (in that order). Along the way, Flynn had an encounter with a spell-caster who placed an enchantment upon Flynn so that she cannot tell a lie. She eventually found her way to the sea, as a sailor on the Crimson Dreamweaver, where they nick-named her Ruddy Flynn for how red her face gets when she drinks. The Crimson Dreamweaver was contracted to move the Great Tree from Borland, but during the journey was beset by sea-faring goblins, Captain Bergas and his crew, cockatrices, and giant turtles, leaving Ruddy Flynn as the only remaining crew member.

Flynn is not very good at making decisions. She usually makes the rational (i.e. self-preserving) choice and then impetuously changes her mind at the last minute putting herself in peril danger that likely would've been avoided had she stuck with her original choice…. but hey, almost dying is what adventuring is all about. She is also stubborn

Since joining the party, Flynn has been almost killed four times, been charmed by a Siren, killed a bunch of foes, swore an oath to liberate and avenge the city of Dragonssett, knocked overboard by a gigantic turtle (thankfully she was saved from drowning by Elmon Lemon), charmed by a Faun, and found an enslaved Efreet. She was also romantically involved with the sole resident halfling, Fenrick, in Huge Red, but he couldn't handle the truth.

After Elmon Lemon had his memory wiped in the dungeon, he became completely convinced of every word that she spoke (so its a good thing she can't tell a lie I guess). Flynn felt a bit responsible for Lemon's misfortunes, and did owe him one. Ruddy Flynn was pretty upset as losing her last friend after Lemon's demise and encountering Lemon's wraith didn't make her feel any better, so she vowed to slay his ghost, as any true friend would. Rather irritatingly, Baelfjord beat her to it.

Since being charmed by Stephan the Faun (and subsequently freed), Ruddy Flynn really hates Fauns. Seriously. Fuck those guys.

Flynn has feels more and more chaotic as time passes, and finds that she has more and more in common with Silent X than with the other members of Team Newbie.

Summer the Wardog

Summer is an Irish Wolfhound who is pretty awesome. She is close to 200lbs and killed a Wyvern once. She was trained by a very famous "Animal Trainer" named Ash to be ridden by halflings, to track things, to walk super stealthily, and to take non-verbal commands, making her her perfect companion for a sneaky halfling.

Tefrara the Efreet

While in Elfland, Ruddy Flynn snuck into the lair of a giant Beaver and stole a shiny brass flask that they knew to be magic. She's been pretty helpful so far and hasn't caused too much trouble… yet.


  • Slayed the awful demon Kuhakare, daughter of the Demon Queen/Lizard Queen/She Who Should Not Be Named and helped capture that traitor Jebjik, the Lizard priest.
  • Stood against the banshee of the elf maiden Ohleanna
  • Was the longest-lived member of Team Newbie


  • Has terrible luck when gambling, and has been completely cleaned out several times while gambling. She no longer gambles (mostly).
  • Last remaining member of the original crew of the Crimson Dreamweaver.
  • Carries a silver war hammer and a short bow.
  • Wears a top hat scavenged from the remains of a fancified rat. Summer has one too.


After facing the King of the Bog Elves, Special K, Ruddy Flynn and Summer both fell to arrows from elven archers guarding the only route of escape. But not before Flynn was able to fuck up Special K's hall a bit.

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