King Reta Bigbad

Reta Bigbad is a Level 5 Goblin Fighter of the Licktoads clan.

We be Lick toads! We make raid!
Put the longshanks to the blade!
Burn them up from feet to head,
Make them hurt, then make them dead!
Cut the parents into ham,
Smush the babies into jam,
All the rest in pot get stewed,
We be Lick toads - you be food!

reta from goblin village. like sneaking around and pulling legs off spiders and tail off mice. reta member of sstabhmontown goblin thief guild, but they all suckers - reta much sneakier and theifier. quest is to make biggest bonfire. reta love fire almost as much as food.

reta hate dogs - not afraid of them, want to kill them. also make good food.

also hate dwarves - they just dogs with less fur. and they sneaky sneaky - but not as sneaky as reta! but Dana's okay… for a dwarf.

those stupid HugeRed goblins stole reta's stuff, even fireworks and dwarf beard and precious magic dogslicer… and the shiny chimes that reta won from giant! must plot to get stuff back… will show ulbrectus who is the baddest goblin - will build biggest bonfire right on his stupid fat head! good thing made friends with Maximus W. Barghest - he claim reta new goblin king. We kill old breakfast, kill him dead, done like dinner.

reta got into trouble, accidentally set fire in tavern (like burning things but like booze too can't drink if tavern burned down!). Lucky great Zarongel saved reta - made lots of smoke to hide reta - and creepy halfling took the blame, hah! But, now Zarongel say reta need make biggest bonfire… if only there was a big wood house from humans to burn down….

things reta hate

  • dogs
  • horses
  • dwarves ('cept dana)
  • Ulbrectus
  • hoomins
  • smoke

things reta not hate

  • eating
  • drinking
  • stabbing
  • collecting
  • chimes
  • fire
  • socks

reta like collecting trophies. Collection has:
- Dwarf beard
- several dog ears
- barghest ear
- velociraptor talon

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