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Reaction Check: Sudden Love on the Battlefield

love always blossoms where u would least expect

By: Geoffrey Diamonds

Chapter 1

Jeffrey Diamond was enjoying the cool crisp air of a chilly evening after murder slaying the giant villainous Hugh and Dory when a knock was happen at the door. A mysterious cloked figure stood in the doorway and dropped a scroll and left and the scroll said "Beware." and jeffrey was worried. He fitfully went to sleep but had bad dreams of Hugh and Dory in hell screaming for revenge and he didn't sleep well. Bill the halfling noticed and woke jeffrey to ask if he was okay, bill is a nice person.

in the morning everyone was getting ready to leave and go home but suddenly the ground swelled and shook and a crack opened and OUT OF THE GROUND CAME SUPER SAIYAN HUGH AND DORY.

"You didn't think it'd be that easy, did you?!" yelled he with a chortle as a swarm of skeletons rised out of the hole in the ground behind him also he pooped into his hand and smeared it on his chest but that's not a weird sex thing it's just what these giant folk do idk why

Everyone ran but jeffrey who stood defiant and yelled HUGH AND DORY YOU MUST RETURN TO THE BOWELS OF HELL, YOU ARE NOT MEANT FOR THIS WORLD. but then hugh and dory slapped he and jeffrey diamond knocked out when he got his head hit against a rock on the ground and he was captured by skeletons!!!

Chapter 2

The dark mysterious figure was very intimidating to everyone inside of the bar but seemed to have an odd fixation on polished metal and mirrors. it would approach the bar for more ale but spend minutes facing itself in the polished metal of its stein before snapping to and demanding beer

this is when the party ran into the bar and said "Hugh and Dory are back!" and everyone gasped. The dark figure sat back in the corner and drank his drink while watching
the party.

The party began to scrawl plans on a piece of parchment on a table and debate about what was to be done and after an hour or so of this the dark figure approached and stated "I will help you in your plans to defeat Hugh and Dory and rescue Mr. Diamond."

"Okay but how can we know we can trust you?" quipped Deegh the Workout Mage

gulping his beer and slamming the mug down onto the table the figure snapped back "You can't."

Chapter 3.

Super Saiyan hugh and dory were floating above the ground yelling and pooping and yelled at jeffrey diamond who was caught in a cage and also tied up inside of the cage. "You will see us lay waste to your pitiful planet and I will destroy everyone!" "NO YOU WILL NOT. YOU CANNOT GET AWAY WITH THIS" defiant jeffy diamond screamed back making the two headed giant laugh in stereo as he landed into a pile of his own filth and rolled violently while still laughing

But then all of a sudden a blinding light came from the top of a nearby tower and the skeletons crumpled into dust before it. The mysterious darke robed figure jumped from the top of the tower and landed on his feet, causing the earth to shake around him as he slowly stood up and removed his hood to reveal that he was kilgore II and everyone gasped!!

"Huge and Dory, this ends here. Now." said he as he drew his sweet sword that has a name. Hugh and Dory laughed and picked up their axe saying "PUNY HUMAN WE KNOW OF YOU AND YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR US!" he began walking towards kilgor when suddenly kilgore begin his own saiyan transformation and hugh and dory were AGHAST! falling backwards.

"Now i will show you my true power."

The battle raged on for many minutes and jeffrey diamond was getting restless tied up and his mind suddenly begame clear and drew on a hidden well of secret memories andscreamed as a small shockwave emanated from his temples destroying his binds and cage and knocking Super Saiyan Huhgh and Dory and Super Saiyan 3 Kilgore II down and into each other. Flames bburned in his eyes as he calmly walked forth speaking in tongues while a burning vision of magic runes raced through hes mind with a wave of his hand the rift to hell was sealed!

Super Saiyan Hugh and Dory and Super Saiyan Kilgore II looked at each other as if dice were rolling in their minds to see what they would do and a glint in hugh and dory's eye caught the attention of Kilgore who momentarily saw his own reflection in their glassy eyes! "What is this… trickery?" asked Kilgore accusingly. "You are the mysterious beauty of our dreams" the giant mouthed seductively while biting his lower lips. confused why his enemy was suddenly spouting love but unable to resist any form of adoration Kilgore allowed him to continue, bashfully turning his head to hide his rosy blushing cheeks. ALL OF A SUDDEN HUGH AND DORY KNELT DOWN TO KILGORE'S LEVEL and they both leaned in for the greatest kiss that has ever been done in the history of mankind!

Satisfied that the battle was winned the party allowed hugh and dory and kilgore to seek their own happiness together and left knowing that they did the right thing. and they did they lived happily ever after.

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dedicated to my friends odb, Greyson, barnaby, wellington crumplehorn, luke skywalker, lil' bub who died recently :"(

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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