as written by Geoffrey Diamonds

Goblins detest the written word entirely, and so Ralfh needed help writing down his details.



  • Once took a hatchet straight to the face, but ended up doing alright.
  • Hates stools, becomes extremely violent in the presence of them.
  • Had to have Silent X steal the phylactery of Kazeckish from him due to being extremely attracted to how shiny it was.
  • Killed a centaur. Ate it raw with Reta Bigbad, who is probably his sister or something who knows how goblins do.
  • Cut the beard hair off of a dwarf and put it onto himself as a creepy little mask, since he hates dwarves just as much as he hates stools.
  • Is especially sneaky, desires to become the new hide-or-get-clubbed champion.
  • Now wears a rad tophat.
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