Raddoh the Aviator
Raddoh the Aviator

Slayer o' Wolf,
Creator of The Gazpacho,
Who helped take Lord Winter to Hel,
One of the people who does the actual work
Who once spent a few months as a diamond and is still a little sparkly around the edges.

status: retired
class: dwarf level: 6+
In Sstabhmontown

Raddoh is a dwarf in service of Blackbeard the Extraordinary, King of Ardstone. Raddoh wears a leather flying helmet with very nice shiny goggles. As a result of a situation involving Kazekish the Undying, a banshee, Lord Byrn and some quick thinking by Mumblefluff he recently spent a few months as a diamond. Raddoh carries a shield of golden hue that he claimed as his share of the treasure of the Cat of Storvadhis and he wields the dagger Kristof Blackthorn, which was left to him by the late Morden Mordeth.

Raddoh is retired and has made his private residence a cabin on the legendary sky-ship The Gazpacho

While the Gazpacho was moored at Branog's Cliff Raddoh embarked on an ambitious publishing venture with Geoffrey Diamonds. We will find out soon if it paid off.

Raddoh came out of retirement in Elf town! to fight a duel against Kerd the Horned, mayor of Abbersail. Raddoh won without taking a hit by forcing Kerd out of the duel area. Kerd chose to die rather than spill his secrets. He continued on the quest to rescue Mumblefluff and in Elfland - Week IV he slew Richard Vikarson the werewolf and led the party in driving off a pack of wolves that guarded the secret keeping-place of Special K's death.

Raddoh's rules of dungeon survival
The Tragedy of Dwarf Raddoh, Moor of Ardstone

Raddoh's Rap

They call me aviator my name is raddoh
Im here to make good on a debt that I owe
To a friend who was recently brought so low

Elven occultist, the baker's apprentice
Proving his worth to the seeker of vengeance
Stalwart defender of the order of x
Now he's vexed / Caught in a hex

(Talked with a demon and he's caught in a hex)

Seeker of secrets, power hungry
Charming, disarming, ever wary
Breaker of Moieds family curse
If you do him ill I'll do you worse

(I owe him a favour for a chance he took / when he saved me by reading from special k's book
A mighty bow few could string was put in his hand/then a demon sent him off to elf land)

Yo… Homies.

I came prepared
If your not scared
See how Ive fared
You won't have erred
Silent x halfling of death
Geoffery diamonds the muses' own breath
Did I tell you I spent some time as a diamond?
But time presses-on with this rhyme and…

I'll take no guff
No huff and puff
If you think that i am gruff
When rhymes are rough
Don't try to bluff
If you think your hanging tough
By my blade blackthorn kristoff
You'll regret it soon enough

Dwarfs can't rap
That's for sure
Give me Mumblefluff
Or I'll punch you in the face

Raddoh's Adventures

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