Princess is a level 5 fighter who jointed the party on a wild goose duck chase through elfland as the party struggled to recover a death in an egg in a duck in a fox in a box neath a tree by a lake on an island in a lake.

Vow of Silence and Adventures with the Party

Princess' parents were carried away by giant owls when she was a girl. Orphaned, she made her way as a thief for most of her childhood and young adulthood. Princess realized the error of her ways and took a vow of silence while she undertook to atone for her past misconducts. Her alignment remains lawful so long as she does not break this sacred oath.

Following the party into elfland to slay the undying lich kind Kazeckish was a logical first step in her atonement; since then, she has followed the party into the dungeons 'neath Braynoch's cliff where she is generally kicking all the demon ass.

She has twice been established as the life of the party in the town of sstabmontown and to carouse there is a great expense for someone of her celebrity.

She got a magic shortsword and is pretty much unstoppable. The only warrior of greater might that anyone can remember was Elmon Lemon, without whose great work clearing the higher levels of the dungeon the party could not now get down to the business of Braynoch cliff's deepest depths and the true enemies. When she finally slays the Demon Queen she will undoubtedly be invited to God Tier, surpassing Lemon in awesomeness and bravery.

Wardogs Lost

Princess has lead many wardogs to their deaths.

Killer, aged 10 years by a creepy ghost (10 years is like 50 years in dog years), carried out of the dungeon successfully to retire in peace.

Snookums, the lovable blind wardog with the unicorn horn of copper. Burned to death by salamanders.

Kumu, the stupid wardog, adorned with snooks' horn, killed by some creepy black dogs.

Dolls of Local Politicians

It is unclear why she collects these things, but Princess' backpack contains creepy minature icons of:

6 x dolls of Donald, Son of Ivy, the Mayor of Sstabmontown

1 x doll of Rob of the Fjord, an ex mayor of great infamy from the Eastern Isles.

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