Sister Oriabelle, holy warrior of the Calnican Order, died many years ago during the original battle involving The Demon Queen. There she remained near her casket upon the fortress level of the dungeon in Braynoch's Cliff.

Nice to Meet You!

During the events of Braynoch's Cliff – part XI, Oriabelle was befriended by Geoffrey Diamonds. She "helped" the party by fighting some bats and taking them directly to where the ghost of King Aaron was, but also level drained Rosencrantz to level 3. After this, Geoffrey dismissed her to his tower for further questioning and as a make-shift security guard.


Rosencrantz received a tip that the wraith that level drained him was residing in Geoffrey's tower. In a drunken rage and seeking revenge, he broke into the tower with Baelfjord to kill her. Charging into the basement, they set upon her but she was not defenseless, and level drained Rosencrantz once again to level 3 before being finally put down.

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