Olan De Brooke


Peep This

Olan DeBrooke is more commonly known by his rap name, Ol' Dwarfish Bastard, or simply ODB.

ODB insists there ain't no father to his style despite the fact that many of his mad rhymez sound familiar.

ODB talks about wizardz much more than anybody in the party, including the actual wizardz. He is often concerned when wizardz be frontin' or runnin' game on a wizard. He shames those wizardz.

Wizard Please

Yeah. ODB sayz alot of thingz that nobody really understandz. It is not clear if ODB understandz these phrazez or if he simply bustz them.

Rap Battlez and Mad Rhymez Dropped on some Wizardz

Rap Battlez: 1

ODB and some north coast ravenz on the Fishful Thinking.

  • About 6 versez (2 ODB, 1 Baeljford, 3 Ravens)
  • Result: the party learnz about a second magic sword and some giant falconz who guard the island.

Mad Rhymez Dropped:1

ODB and some upset nixiez sinking the Fishful Thinking

  • One verse (ODB)
  • Result: the nixiez were still upset
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