Nine Pirates

The Nine Pirates were the scourge of the northern waterways.

Old Captain Kervar

The leader of the nine. Kervar was pragmatic, but fit in with the other pirates. He was once captured, but freed from his dungeon by his second in command's lover, the elf Teema.

Kervar found a magic helmet. Inside was the inscription "True Kenning." After he wore the helmet, Kervar changed from pragmatic to uncompromising. He was no longer suited to the pirate lifestyle. Mutiny, and the burial of his helmet, "Kervar's Bane," followed. Teema was last seen haunting the tower and coast north of the buried treasure. She was slain after she cursed the legendary Wheede Spliffmanne to his untimely doom.

Francisco Emio

He was the second in command. Emio was responsible for the curse on Teema, and the curse on treasure. Despite answering to Kervar, he was said to be the most powerful of the nine. Descriptions of Francisco Emio are sparse, but it is known that he was a prophet, and was especially terrifying.

His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Harald the Weakling

Of the nine, he was the least impressive by physical standards. His magic was incontestable by the others. He flies under a red flag. His ship is known as the Red Whale. A plague of burned and pillaged ships lies in his wake off the coasts of the western Stonelands. He was last seen stealing the Miskalot, fabled gem of Rathgaborstein from the Cat of Storvadis.

The Weakling possesses a wondrous cape that can turn its wearer into a hawk.

He is at large, and is currently working for Bjorn Fellheart.
Harald was slain by Mukroc Drungo Drungas in To Steal a Feather. He is survived by his lover the Siren Countess

Merona James

A badass in charge of a large pirate cove on the Northeast corner of Kensingset island. Her camp was raided, her lieutenants killed, her men captured, and her treasure pillaged. Her sad fate was to be sacrificed by Morden Mordeth during the battle against Lord Winter. Her death marked to horrific entrance of Baron Cranius into the world.

Daphid Narbutt

A mysterious warrior who made his home in the port of Muddy Needle. Beatrice of Eagle island is his second in command. He aided the Sftabhmontown adventuring party in their quest against the lord of winter.

Reportedly still alive.

Beatrice Cadda

Rolls with Daphid Narbutt. Her ship is the Calypso.

Probably still alive.

Lloyd Mathew

A halfling pirate from the west Stonelands port of Clovertorch.

Status and whereabouts unknown.

Harold Rutherford Haggar

Harold was the captain of the Grey Gull. He attacked the party in an attempt to avenge the defeat of his friend Deagh. He lost, but was spared by the kind and heroic Wheede Spliffmanne. He has since retired from piracy.


The nine's smuggler and lowest ranked member. He has since defeated Merona James, and aided Daphid Narbutt. Deagh has had many adventures with the Sftabhmontown group since he quit smuggling.

Since Morden Mordeth's death, Deagh's location and status has been mostly unknown. It is rumoured that he is plotting against Harold the Weakling, and is still at large in the Stonelands.
Deagh rejoined the party in The Enchantress' Bargain/Disaster on the Sunless Coast, saw the completion of his quest in To Steal a Feather and will travel with the group in their next quest.

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