Mumblefluff is currently hanging out with his new friend Cadfan, a giant Raven, just outside a forest somewhere outside of Sftabhmontown. They're having a nice time.

Update: they are not having a nice time.
Update 2: Cadfan is now having a nice time as a perfectly happy teapot.

As Mumblefluff continued his quest following Kazeckish's map of elf country, he was rudely attacked by 5 trolls. After fending them off, he found himself trapped in the web of a giant spider.

Stuck and poisoned by the beast, Mumblefluff followed the great elfish tradition of bravely removing his gallbladder to ward off the poison……. But that was not enough. It was only after cutting the palms of his hand to let the poison that he was able to recover and slay that spider.

After recovering for a couple of days in the woods, Mumblefluff was fit to go on and found himself venturing up the river and through a thicket where he met three pixies, all of whom seem quite enamoured with our heroic elf.

For now the four of them sit on a stump in the shadow of a tower, reviewing the map and planning the next adventure………

Carriers of Kazekish's enchanted spellbooks
Book 1 Willoughby - Buffalo - Deagh (stolen) - Buffalo - Silent X - Wheede Spliffmanne - Morden Mordeth - Mumblefluff
Book 2 Mumblefluff
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