Mukroc Drungo Drungas

The Cleric formerly known as Corkum:

Bellows of the Blue Flame;

Hierophant of the Rosy Horn;

Corkum the Revelator;

Eye of the Gas Giant;

Phaustroll's Phlail; and,

erst to be, The Moonbringer, cum Moonbrought!

The litany of titles tells its own tale of how a halfassed & halfhearted healer from the north wandered away from the delirium of Law; how religion, earnestness or piety more often seemed a joke than a virtue; and, how his lapse from law into chaos and subsequent renaissance as Mukroc may be traced in the volutes of his birthright, his own gidouille, a "pataphysical progress furled in the flatulator's nom-noms de plumes. What follows is an account of the antipriest's plummet, from "pata, through meta and to something as true as blood & moonshine.

Digressions of Mukroc

Mukroc, Moonbrought, suffered The First of His True Digressions when The Party met him, then Corkum the Cleric, in Aardstan to anticipate his tortuous apocalypse. He did little of note in those early days, but to survive! itself the greatest achievement.

The Second of His True Digressions befell when—Nin Zsa Zsa Lecturer!Bloodmace found Corkum in Borlan wherein she had abided her sticky-sweet time in the custody of the Sisterhood of Cargopol. A fumbling, clumsy, bloody honeymoon was had till Corkum could learn her secrets, and she his. Now man and mace are bosom and bloodthirsty, emboldened to dispense their rude dissipations sans discrimination to deluded lawfuls and lawless alike. Nin Zsa Zsa Lecturer! indeed (and word). Though encouraged some by his new digression, Corkum strove to strike balance: to still be of help to his comrades and yet honour the strange glory warranted by a deity so mysterious and polynonimous as Piecemeal, AKA etc. Baelfjord, unwittingly helped him in this. His goody-good rebukes and feckless exhortations exemplified the disease of law. If the senior cleric of the party did not manage to banish Corkum and Nin to some hellish plane during one of his well intended (though risible) schemings and flytings, Corkum would have to continually prove his worth. No matter. The good cleric is a good cleric; the lawless one shall be good as well, in his way. And sadly, death is not an end in here, though Corkum would like nothing but most days. His newfound lawlessness affords him a potent freedom from the essences that bully and torment the lawful.

It was during these early days as initiate to chaos that Corkum met the Circus Impresario Dorinda in Srdka. He sought to procure iron cages to safeguard party members stricken with lycanthropy over the full moon. Dorinda shared with Corkum hearth & heart that accursed night and told him his fortune. From the Tarot he drew,

  1. of the past: The Hierophant ~inspiration
  2. of the present: King of Cups reversed ~ loss
  3. of the future: 3 of Pentacles ~ fame, celebrity, something for his line/age

As Corkum's path meanders and digresses, further, further, the wisdom of Dorinda's reading persists, widens, and guides.

Just as Corkum began to master the forces and methods of the Second Digression—Nin bathed and boldened by the bloodrains of Lonhall, etc.—the fatal bite of a cockatrice precipitated the Third True Digression! Though death may be nothing, a nothing Corkum anticipated with waxing fervour, being turned to stone leaves little to recommend. Corkum was done. And in an instant, far as he could tell, it was undone…. But it wasn't! Something, someone, with magic enough to restore the petrified, brought Corkum back to the cursed lands of the living. But whatever untethered odyssey transpired in the abysmal interim that he suffered in his stoney perdition had marred him, marked him, metamorphosed him further, further. Those fleeting-lost petrific dreams of the statue buttressed his resolve, his maturing passion to shatter the "mindforged manacles" of law, and they continue to reveal their dark, cold purpose as he lives up to his quest—a geas imposed by The Enchantress who turned Corkum's stone back to flesh, his rock to muck. Hence the inversion Mukroc. Moonbrought.

The Enchantress's blessed quest imposed purpose: a proving ground on which to trot out his ephemeral, perhaps infernal, philosophy; to keep Mukroc from running amok; to reveal himself to himself within the nurturing limits of the geas itself. The fulfillment of which will be a damnation: redeeming the anticleric. To serve by swerve. To rule by role. To meet/mete the Next True Digression, etc., etc. To be\come again.

Curses of Mukroc

Herein written the sung curses of the anticleric….

Loves of Mukroc

Who knew our unholy & halfwild slayer would turn out to be such a loverly lover?

Corkum's Legacy

Spiff Character Record Booklet & Cleric's Spel Bök

Character Record Booklet
(print-fold-staple-cut pages' top edges)Cleric's Spel Bök
(same; can be stapled into middle of CRB if character happens to be cleric)

Higher level cleric spells & Magic User Spel Bök forthcoming!

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