Monsters Slain


64 rodents of unusual size
13 fire beetles
29 centipedes
3 dogs
23 stirges
5 large ravens
13 great gulls
28 wolves
2 worgs
3 giant spiders
1 bear
5 giant badgers
2 oozes


25 sailors
32 guards
23 men at arms
23 bandits
18 cultists
9 pirates
1 pirate captain
3 werewolfs
Lena the famovs
The Twins
Red Mike
Andre Horseladder
1 witch
Harold Rutherford Hargar
Marona James
Thiny Glamsdottir, captain of the blood talons
Gunbjorn Ritanson, wizard
Dina Bottisdaughter
The Necromancer of the Ruined Church dungeon (2 times)


242 goblins and hobgoblins
1 goblin wizard
4 doppelgangers
1 mimic
37 bugbears
2 owlbears
12 ogres
7 trolls
8 harpies
19 gnomes
5 elves
Kazekish's party boat elves
6 pixies
4 gnolls
1 eye tree (cedar)
1 eye tree (yew)
Lord Winter (3 times)
Ancient spirit of the hills, the Moor Maery king of the gnomes


101 zombies
14 skeletons
57 shadows
76 ghouls
Finn the Handsome (wight)
15 wights
22 shades
13 wraiths
6 spectres
3 banshees
Neko Vandoven the vampire
Bruni Badnorsen the vampire
Kazekish the Undying, lord of the bog elves (3 times)


Monroe Mclaren, storm giant
Ellen Macauder, hill giant
5 rime giants (jiants)
1 hill giant

Legendary Beasts

1 water elemental
1 air elemental
1 blood demon
1 wind dragon
1 gelatinous cube
1 cockatrice
13 gargoyles
4 flail snails
1 wyvern
2 basilisks
Red Dragon of Nine Mile Island
Hifflid Newbung, poison dragon
Kytheria the Younger (young adult dragon)
Nikandros Psichusatach, the despoiler of Honour Gorge, Bodvar's bane, Bloodtalon's folly, Morden's doom, the Cat of Storvadhis

Still wanted for counting

Monsters slain in early (pre-bandit-camp) adventures, from trehildes woods, from the kazekish halfling/shark boat on the way to Hel, from the kazekish party boat debacle, and from the lightning trap week.

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