Lucky Sara

Lucky Sara


Lucky Sara is a Ghost. She was the Hench person of Imperator Princess.

Lucky Sara was kind of insufferable. Her low Charisma is the intersection of her youth, her high Intelligence, and her profoundly low Wisdom. She was well meaning, but self-centered and vain. She would have mellow out with age, you need to give young people a bit of lee-way ok?

Lucky Sara wears a cool tricorn hat with a map inside. She had a horse named Chad who is not a ghost.

History, Longbow skills, Tragedies

Sara followed the party into the forests of Lonhall as a hireling, but following a brutal panther attack she decided to step up and reconstitute the party's ranks. She took the name "Lucky" Sara and a simple quest - to not die - at which she had been doing so-so.

After successfully shooting a werewolf in the genitals with her longbow, Lucky Sara decided that she had become a proper adventurer. She bought herself a really cool tricorn hat and took a new quest - to live forever.

It is therefore morbidly fitting that, almost directly, Lucky Sara was turned to a rather cool looking statue in a battle with a flock of cockatrices.

Down Time

Lucky Sara spent a short spell a year in the Enchantress' tower. Not really sure…what happened there…the implications are creepy.

BUT, Lucky Sara's spirit and beauty enamored Linnaeus Proctor as he watched her from the Crimson Dreamweaver. Linnaeus took up a quest to turn Lucky Sara back into a person. Fortunately for him, he died in the battle against Harald the Weakling and will never have to know the drudgery that is conversing with Lucky Sara.

Lucky Sara's statue was described as "strapping". Still creepy.

I'm Back Bitches

We beat the Demon Queen. Of course we beat the Demon Queen. Like we were ever going to fail, we are the most number 1 badasses of all time.

And the Enchantress kept her deal - she gave us back Lucky Sara and Blint! We did not have to kill her and burn her stupid tower down.

Lucky Sara resumed questing! She was the Hench Person of our most beloved Imperator Princess. Surely the two will be a powerful all female dynamic duo, a lofty example for the orphaned children of this broken fantasy world.


Toc killed Lucky Sara almost immediately. It was a duel Lazlow set up for the crown of Lonhall. Instead of fighting the actual threat, like idk benedict who is level a million or cordelia who has the best magic sword in the game, no, Toc killed the 18 year old girl who was a level 2 fighter with a normal two handed axe.

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