Liam Diamonds

Liam Diamonds is the father of Geoffrey Diamonds, and as well as being a very skilled huntsman he's a huge goddamn jerk.

He's a Charmer

He once left his wife Jennifer Diamonds alone in the woods to find her own way home. She got lost and ended up in Elf Land. He only cared because dinner wasn't ready when he returned from his hunt, and hasn't tried to retrieve her. "I've heard that's a nice way to live. Y'know, in Elf Land." He let Geoffrey think she was dead until he revealed in An Otter Disaster that she was just lost there. This is how Geoffrey Diamonds got fed up and ran away from home, which got him in league with the party.

Another time he killed a black dragon that the rest of the party had almost killed themselves and took all the credit for it.

He's famous for yelling "WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?" and shaking his head in disappointment to wizards casting protection spells.

After killing not just one but TWO giant horrible sea creatures, including the giant shark he had been hunting, he got all mopey and said that probably wasn't what he was hunting but he'd join the party and let his life's work go unfinished.

Shot a giant otter. We like giant otters and are good friends with them. He shot it anyway.

Refers to wizards as "you people".

Doesn't believe in magic, but uses it all the goddamn time.

Keeps a hound named Rocky.

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