Killgore II

The Story of Killgore II began in the depths of the darkest dungeon, in a struggle of life or death from 2 giant beetles. With his former employer Killgore the Killbarian slain by the foul beasts, Hengis the torchbearer (as he was formerly known) , picked up sword and shield, and became an adventurer. Spurred by his dieing employers last words, and haunted by his dark past, Hengis took up the Mantle of Killgore the 2nd, to rid himself of his demons.


Killgore II has aquired many titles:

The Slaughterhorn
For his ferocity in Battle, he was named after the fabled beasts of his homeland
The Exalted
Which he won in the depths of Horseladder towers
The Sunbringer (no affiliation to The Sunbringers)
When he Singlehandedly defended the party against foul shadows
Slayer of Nico the Vampire
Singlehandedly cutting his way through a horde of enemies, Killgore II engaged the foul vampire, cutting him down
Slayer of Hifflid the Dragon
Surviving the foul breath of this great beast, Killgore II struck forth, and slayed the Dragon in its Lair
Grand Admiral of the Fleet
Due to his leadership and Presence, the party nominated him as the Commander of the Prejudice and the Rotarran
Templar of the Pandercar Order
Making a pact for knowledge with the Arcane Wizards to the south, Killgor II became a member of their Order
For his Valiant Feats like Slaying Nico, and ridding the world of Hifflid, Killgore II was given the rank of Justicar within the Order of Templars
The Senator
One time he said "don't fuck with this senator!"
Single Handedly Tamed the Ocean
During his tenure as Grand Admiral, Killgore II defended his ship and crew against a foul Water Elemental
Survived the Belly of the Beast
While defending the Crew of the Crimson Dream Weaver, Killgore II was swallowed whole by the Great Sea Serpent of the Storvos coast. As he was sliding down the great serpents throat, he took out Ralynn his beloved sword, and hacked his way out.

Sometimes he keeps it real.

Personal Life

Killgore is known to get around. Currently, he is married to Mercedes, who lives in the greater sftabhmontown area, but he also has had flings with a Lady on Eagle Isle called Lexus, and more recently buick the dwarf-Lady.


In addition to his titles, Kilgore II (The Exalted, The Slaughterhorn, the Sunbringer, The Senator, The Justicar, The Grand Admiral, to name a few…) is also widely known for his taste in personal finery, including:

  • His mohawked skull helment
  • A cape made out of the late Sprinkles, His loyal Hellhound
  • A 100sp palanquin, appropriate for use on boats
  • His titles
  • His ballin' Plate Armor
  • Rahlynn the sword, the Bane of Shapechangers
  • a bed roll
  • 6 rations
  • Diamond Necklace worth 11, 748sp
  • a much shittier necklace worth 63sp

He also has a parchment list that contains the following:

  • Ahab
  • Spears
  • Fuck Birds

In Memorium

This is a list of followers who lost their lives under the employ of Killgore II

  • Arn
  • Killick
  • Kahlgor
  • Cahldu
  • Bran
  • Rothric
  • Rahlwood
  • Gahlic
  • Killmore
  • Dammin
  • Lardick
  • Rothgrimm
  • Strugis
  • Sprinkles

A special note should be made for both Sturgis and Sprinkles, who stood above and beyond the typical Hench person

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