Kazeckish the Undying

Kazeckish the Undying is a bit of a jerk, but more officially he is a very powerful undead elf lord who rules over the bogs of Paraborea and is a powerful force in the Stonelands. The party first encountered Kazeckish after literally crashing through the ceiling of his stronghold in the moors northeast of Sftabhmontown. His physical form has been defeated several times but he has not been slain as his life essence resides in a phylactery which has not yet been located. The party has acquired great treasures from their encounters with Kazeckish- gold and silver, scrolls and potions, and two spell books written by Kazeckish, the second of which was penned especially for Mumblefluff.

First Encounter
The first time the party encountered Kazeckish, they were actually looking for the bog elves but found themselves in Kazeckish's lair. Rather than navigating their way through, the adventurers used their magic shovel to create a shortcut and went in through the ceiling of his personal chamber where they soon found themselves fighting the most powerful enemy they'd ever seen.

Second Encounter
While the adventurers were sailing to hell to deliver the body of Lord Winter, they were quietly being followed by Kazeckish, 3 giant sharks and a small party of halflings. The party defeated the sharks and halflings and gave chase when Kazeckish attempted to escape through the goblin door with his spell book. He was overtaken in the dungeon the the party regained the book, knowing Kazeckish would return.

Third Encounter
Affectionately known as the "Kazeckish Party Boat" adventure, the party encountered Kazeckish while sailing to the Stonelands. A royal undead captain on a spectacular multi-levelled galleon ship, Kazeckish attacked the party with over 80 elven archers. A well timed fireball spell wiped out most of the elves and the rest of the party boarded his sinking ship to take him down, but Kazeckish escaped (briefly) into the night.

Fourth Encounter
Kazeckish returned that night, soon after the adventurers made camp on shore. Kazeckish, in the company of vampires and spectres, attacked the party watch in the middle of the night. Silent X the halfling and Mumblefluff the elf were attacked and both were level-drained of experience to the creatures. The rest of the party stepped in and helped to defeat them but Kazeckish, again, escaped.

Fifth Encounter
After adventuring in the Stonelands, the group found themselves in the service of a group of dwarves and went to collect a debt from Lord Byrne. Byrne obliged and the party accompanied him and his army to pay his debt- to clear the stone circle near the Framland Earthworks of undead creatures. The party accompanied by Lord Byrne and his huge army found themselves facing the undead Moeyd Alfsdottir (in banshee form), Kazeckish the Undying, the vampire Bruny Budvarrsen, as well as spectres, ghouls, and wights. After the lethal banshee scream, the party worked quickly but managed to slay the banshee, the vampire, all the undead, and defeat, though not kill, Kazeckish. Raddoh the dwarf nearly succumbed to the banshee scream, but Mumblefluff the elf grabbed the spell book Kazeckish left behind, opened it, and managed to use it (without dying) to turn Raddoh into a diamond and save his life. [it would be over a month before the party turned Raddoh back into his normal form, but Raddoh still has very sparkly skin…]

Sixth Encounter
Intending to rescue prisoner Mumblefluff, gained access to Special K's lairwith the elf Nehumara who sought to marry one of his daughters. After some wandering, the party made it down to Kazekish's hall the living room. Kazekish summoned a frost demon, who battled and slew the Efreet Tefrara, and then the party battled him directly. Several people were slain by a lightening bolt, but ultimately Kazekish's mortal form was sliced in twain by Benadictish, which will surely last.

Carriers of Kazekish's enchanted spellbooks
Book 1 Willoughby - Buffalo - Deagh (stolen) - Buffalo - Silent X - Wheede Spliffmanne - Morden Mordeth - Mumblefluff
Book 2 Mumblefluff
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