Honour Gorge

In the Moor Maery, in the eastern part of the Stonelands, there may be found obsidian toothpicks forged in the fiery breath of Bodvar's bane. The Cat of Storvadhis lives there where the mountains look down on the Storvadhis plain. Travel northeast to Honour Gorge - this place men know of by a different name. Travel eighty four leagues on a line with Indestern tower where Bodvar's son is lord.

When the party arrived in the Moor Maery they encountered the Bloodtalon mercenary company in the service of Bjorn Fel-Heart and its iron man. They were led into a trap by the mercenaries but then sided with the Cat to destroy them. Ready at last to take on the beast they travelled to its lair and slew it after a tense and bloody battle.

Thus passed the Cat of Storvadhis.

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