Hifflid was a green dragon that terrorized the halflings who lived south of Sftabmonton. He was famously ambushed and decapitated by the shape-changer A. Winston Willoughby.

After exploring the abandoned towns that had suffered the dragon's wrath, the adventuring party tracked the dragon back to his lair in the side of a mountain. While the main party, led by Buffalo, ventured into the lair, A. Winston Willoughby and his trusted ally, Grimgut the Devourer, set up an ambush outside.

The dragon circled around the party, but failed to notice the two assassins above his cave. Hifflid charged into the mouth of his cave, and let loose a terrible cloud of chlorine gas that violently ended the lives of more than 3/4s of the adventuring party. Killgore and Silent X were the only two who remained standing, and bravely engaged the dragon. Both were able to land blows with their swords, but the dragon still stood tall.

As the dragon prepared to destroy the two remaining defenders with another breath attack, Grimgut dropped down and impaled the dragon on his spear. This tremendous blow weakened the dragon enough that his following breath attack was not enough to finish off the surviving adventurers.

The shape-changing Willoughby had chosen this desperate battle as the appropriate time to reveal his terrible lineage. The now 12 foot tall giant leaped from the mouth of the cave with a boulder in his hand. Willoughby traded blows with Hifflid, but the dragon was no match for The Deceiver. Willoughby knocked the dragon down with a mighty blow from his boulder, and tore the dragon's head off with his bare hands.

Presently, Hifflid's head adorns the adventuring groups ship, The Prejudice. His scales have been forged into a suit of magical plate-male armour worn by Sunbringer Baelfjord.

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