Hayzeus The Meek

Hayzeus is a humble well meaning cleric however, he often finds himself in awkward situations because he is unwilling to speak-up about just how darn uncomfortable he is. Hayzeus is also weak, like really weak, which explains why he likes to stick with the crowd. It also might explain his reliance on a higher power.

Hayzeus's first adventure, Lonhall Adventures, or, Crime Pays, went rather awry when an unfriendly lord (and an impolite group adventurers) crossed paths. Some explosions happened, a lot of people died, and Hayzeus ended up with the lord of the manors armour, which he wears to this day.

On his first outing with the crew on the Gazpacho Soup, Hayzeus threw holy water on a big demon dog and then ran away and hid underneath a table. He saw the demon dog do a pretty sweet attack, but Hayzeus knew that nothing could compare to the glory of his lord and saviour Facsinus.

In recent adventures, Hayzeus has taken a greater role in the dungeoneering group. He has been known to get annoyed with baddies that just won't die and unleash icy-cold justice upon them.

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