Grimgut the Devourer was a large Bugbear who led a group of goblin detectives.

The sleuths ran into tough times when they failed to guard the prison in Horseladder Tower that held the vampire Neko. When Neko was destroyed, Grimgut and his gang of goblins signed on with the adventure party.

The Great Goblin Gumshoe made a name for himself when he ran the terrible green dragon, Hifflid Newbung, through with his spear.

He was a fierce and valuable ally of Willoughby and Deagh. He frequently joined the two as the second-in command of Team Strike-Force and ran many successful scouting operations.

Grimgut's adventuring career ended during the second attack on Lord Winter's Castle. The brave bugbear was drained by a horrible spectre and reduced in strength greatly. Willoughby and Grimgut both agreed that further adventuring would likely end the goblin's life, so they parted ways.

Grimgut was a voracious eater. He preferred dried goods and tavern food. He spent almost all of his down time and his earnings from working for Willoughby in human settlements on food.

No one has heard from the deadly detective in over a year.

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