Greyson Blackstone

Greyson Blackstone

Greyson Blackstone was a Level 4 Witch Hunter (Fighter/Cleric) who joined the party during a sordid elf party. He was at the time on the run from an arranged marriage. He was decidedly uncharming, and quite elderly, but he still got all the ladies.

Blackstone died on a terrible Halloween, when the scream of a Banshee tore his heart in half. He made a deal with a Devil to survive, but it was not enough. He does not rest in piece, however, as his spirit was unable to move on to the next life.


Greyson Blackstone is a grizzled warrior famed for his low strength and extremely high wisdom. He keeps most of his past 57 67 years to himself; however, it is known that he is a former soldier, and that he is fleeing an arranged marriage. He also wants to chronicle the Laws of England; however, nobody seems to know where "England" is.

His Sidekick, Twinkles, Leadership Changes, Tragic Deaths

Twinkles was Blackstone's sidekick. The two met in Huge Red and joined forces on the deck of the Gazpach Soup. Blackstone, being older, wiser, and more experienced, is the De Facto leader of their duo.

Twinkles was a foil to Blackstone. Blackstone is old and physically weak, weathered and extraordinarily wise, and gruff and acerbic. Twinkles, on the other hand, was a young, naive, lovable fool. The two of them got up to all kinds of crazy hi-jinx.

Blackstone didn't really like Twinkles.

BUT, when Blackstone was level drained by a ghost, Twinkles' shining experience forced the young fool into the leadership role. What irony! Blackstone was now following around a buffoon in a storm trooper hat (whatever that is).

But it would not be to last. Young Twinkles, aged 10 years by a creepy spirit, fell in the tower of the hated Demon Queen. Baelfjord tried to use his clerical magic to force his soul back into his grey-eyed, lifeless cadaver, which went even more horribly than planned, and Twinks now haunts the party as a creepy ghost.

He gets the Bitches

Blackstone gets all of the girls:

  1. The betrothed of his arranged marriage. He hit it and quit it.
  2. Something involving a nixie and a badger at the Elf Party…he is not really sure…there was alot of Wizard Powder…
  3. His latest betrothed (a carousing mishap and a failed save against true love) Hildeye of Scruttle Creek (likely witch). 2 Fiancees?! That probably has no repercussions.
  4. Demons. When he cannot solve a problem with his weapons, he solves them with his make-out skills. Demons beware!

Strength of 5

His strength is 5. On a percentile rank, that is like the 4.5th percentile. Compare the Nixie, a 4 foot tall, 45 pound sylph. Strength of 7 on a Nixie. Apparently he is as strong as a small cat. How is he even alive? Is he…magic?!

Clerical Inclinations, Death

Blackstone converted to Magnetism, a Neutral religion devoted to the balance of polarity and the mighty Dookur Magnit-hoonds. He swore off his former ways and strove to find balance, attract Justice, and repel wickedness and sin.

That went great for the Halloween Party at the Diamond estate. However, on taking to the skies to recover creepy Goblin allies…Disaster!

Pursued by an awful Banshee and a mighty ghostly oarsman, the party was forced to fight. As the Banshee Olana fell from the deck, pierced by an arrow of silver, Blackstone heard her scream and felt his heart twist. He made an awful deal with a terrible demon to save his life. But, lo, the Demon could not live up to the bargain. Blackstone lay slain, his soul unable to find respite in the afterlife, his body too warped to ferry it any further.

Will he ever be seen again?

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