Geoffrey Diamonds

Hi guys welcome to my page ^_^

I love writing you may have heard of some of my works but I'm always trying to improve =D

I have lots of friends they let me adventure with them and we do cool things!

I am, in all modesty, a skilled author, one of the finest writing today.


Geoffrey Diamonds was always a little more of a scholarly sort of lad, and his father Liam never quite approved and was extremely abusive towards him. The distaste his father showed towards Geoff's academic learning only managed to drive him further and further into literature and fantasy, rather than socializing in the dark world and strife of the Stonelands, where nobody quite approved of his literary gifts.

He soon found refuge after his first work was published, a short story about a Mary Sue falling for a poor, lonely nerd with no friends, and fighting against the establishment for him. Titled Save Against True Love, Geoffrey made a small amount of silver from the selling of the book and decided to use it to trek out and find his own way into the world, eventually coming across a party recruiting adventurers at an Abbey in Lonhall.

Geoffrey's overall goal is to eventually have his life's work of fanfiction published, especially the Bjorn Fel Heart slashfics. This is coming to fruition now that Raddoh has invented a printing press!

Geoffrey also recently turned much older thanks to seeing a spooky ghost, bypassing the most awkward parts of puberty and becoming an actual mature adult, but with his continued interest in writing awful stories about the party he feels vindicated in his assertion that "Fuck you dad, it's not a phase!"

After getting heart broken by a banshee (Geoffrey is a sensitive soul), the party attempted to cure him by stabbing him in the fucking heart with a syringe loaded with a love potion. Unfortunately, it didn't work, and he had to be revived by Baelfjord. The love potion, however, did work and Geoffrey was immediately smitten by Benedictish.

His birthday, February 14th, is also the date that Diamond Day is, a day to demonstrate your love for your fellow adventurers.

Other Stories

Please feel free to ask Geoffrey about these if you feel like having him talk to you for hours why his head canon is the only true canon.

Our tower is better than the other one in Huge Red

Baelfjord, Bob, Link of Blink and Geoffrey Diamonds have built a tower complex within the town of Huge Red, in which sweet as hell parties are to be held. The towers are built to loom over the property Rosencrantz built because that's the kind of shit wizards do. Nobody but Bob and Geoffrey is allowed to go into the depths beneath the tower (nor should they, for their own safety).

As well, he is currently building the Russet Potato Memorial Academy of Gifted Youngsters, to respect the last wish of his late, beloved god son Russet Potato. Now that we have a bunch of orphans, they'll need a school to be able to learn how to read and buy GD's books.


Is adorable. Geoffrey's familiar lazily walked into his house, attracted by the 200 silver pieces worth of charcoal, incense, savoury, basil, catnip, and 1,000 silver pieces worth of meat. As Princess pointed out, this was a disgusting amount of meat, but it still attracted Jingler.

He likely escaped another abusive owner who did not accept Jingler's anti-plant attitudes.

Them Spells Though

Geoffrey has produced a number of horrible spells that have found great use in niche situations. Nearly all other magic users are disgusted by them. These spells include your favorite hits, such as:

Into the Future (and beyond!)

Geoffrey Diamonds has moved to seek new and exciting stories in other worlds and planes of existence to eventually bring back to his friends in Sstabhmontown. This has proved to be an extremely dangerous endeavor and has almost killed him 100% of the time, but is completely worth it.

Currently, he is working with friends near the town of Red Larch to play a hilarious prank on John Baelfjord.

Geoffrey's Will

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