The Gazpacho

The Gazpacho, or Gazpacho Soup as Raddoh insists on calling it, is a great ship like none seen since the ancient days of lore.

As a sailing ship travels the seas, so the Gazpacho travels the skies.

  • The Orrery of the Sunless Coast
    • It never gets lost
  • The Blessing of the Rook of the North who speaks in Rap
    • It is followed everywhere by a huge flock of crows
    • It is equipped with an excellent sound system for rapping
  • The Sky Tree, mightiest of the Oaks
    • It is unsinkable
    • It protects its occupants against disease
  • The Blood of the Cat of Storvadhis
    • It demands payment
    • It flies where it likes
    • It is stealthy
  • The Statue of Tyr the One-Armed
    • It demands that its crew be just
    • It is as sturdy as a rock
    • It can be sailed with just one hand

Treasure hoard: 1126 sp
Current voyage: Sstabhmontown, Special K, Huge Red
Next payment: 56 sp (5%)

Parts of the Gazpacho

Ship Equipment

Item Storage

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