Braynoch's Cliff XXVI: In the Dog House

The tunnels beneath Braynoch’s Cliffs twist and turn. Now, with a first successful divination of The Hat of Ser Cleve, conversation turns to the quality of our maps. Can we find the way?


Baelfjord with Deagh
Hayzeus the Meek with Bob and Fuckslayer
Geoffrey Diamonds
Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen with gyorrj and Cordelia
President Mumblefluff with Benedictish Frankwich
Reta Bigbad with Armand Hammer
Russet Potato with Bill Buckle
Tim the Elf

Happy Diamond Day!

Geoffrey Diamonds informed everyone that today was Diamond Day, and wouldn't we all like to send cards to our friends to tell them how we think they are precious like Diamonds. Diamond Day was pretty clearly made up by Geoffrey Diamonds to sell cards.

Calling Dr. Swordopolis

Baelfjord spoke to Dr. Swordopolis and learned some stuff; the magic sword now held by Rosenkrantz is the Blade of Secundus, it is lawful and has an intelligence of 8. He also asked about some other stuff.

The Search for Ser Cleve

We went into the dungeon and did some exploratory mapping and headed to the fortress level to search for Ser Cleve. Along the way we encountered a bunch of giant bats. We also encountered some wraiths of former Calnican monks, but luckily Mumblefluff was able to convince them that we were the good guys and they let us pass without issue. After checking out a secret passage, we ran into eight four giant black dogs that were huffing frost and had red glowing eyes, and that was a bad time because one of the "dogs" charmed Mumblefluff and some of the other ones swallowed fallen party members whole and then got bigger. Rosenkrantz pretty much single-handedly nearly-killed two of the dogs, while the rest of us tried to not die, and then the dogs ran off vanished into thin air. Luckily Rosenkrantz was able to dispell the charm on Mumblefluff using his fancy new sword and we got the heck out of there. We cast locate object and tried to find Ser Cleve's hat again, but didn't have any luck, so we went home.

Monsters Slain

6 Gargoyles x 400 xp ea.
16 Giant Bats x 240 xp ea.

XP was split halfway through the night (half share/full share):

  • 71/142 if you left after the Gargoyles but before the Bats
  • 246/492 for everyone else


10 gp
100 sp
Gold ring (100 sp)
Fine wool slippers (100 sp)

Share: 67 sp


Tim the Elf
Armand Hammer
Russet Potato
Bill Bucket

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