Braynoch's Cliff XXV: Herpetology

The party

Dana the Dwarf with King Reta Bigbad and Toro the Wardog
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham with Deagh
Mumblefluff with Benedictish Frankwich
Princess with Snookums
Geoffrey Diamonds with Hashtag Goku and Hardic.
Bilmungr af Spondelag

Gargoyles are jerks

A bunch flew around town and caused mischief. Unfortunately, none shat bricks inside the Danish Embassy Brothel. Some gargoyles distracted people carousing and researching magic; to this day nobody believes Princess went on a bender with one as a drinking buddy.

That time things happened just because we were around.

While Deagh and Geoffrey Diamonds attempted to write down a spell to allow the party easy access into and out of the deeper levels of the dungeon, sinkholes began appearing in town. An orphanage was swallowed by one, and the party heroically saved all surviving the orphans and staff while Musselmenschen proselytized in town, telling everyone that the sinkholes are the result of their sins and to convert to please Poseidon and stop the earth from shaking and swallowing buildings. Unfortunately, the Head Master of the orphanage was unable to be saved, much to the dismay of Hardic. Bilmungr saw an excellent opportunity to blame the sinkholes on the overly lax safety administration of the Dwarf Mining Union in Huge Red (who are jerks so it's cool), and successfully sowed doubt in the minds of the public.


The party teleported deep into the dungeon where they last found a giant tubular passage with water. Upon exploring around a bit more, they found a room full of 7 salamanders. Clever use of a decanter of endless water, fire eating corn wheat, and a poison-spewing iron golem allowed us to beat the hell out of them. #Goku, in a rage, held a grenade in his open hand and blew it up to get the salamander wrapped around his arm away. While he could shrug it off, not everyone else could, and three hirelings were killed in the blast. It successfully softened things up enough that Baelfjord and Mumblefluff could hack everything else to death. After the fight Ser Cleve's hat was detected on a level above where the party was exploring.

From this room, there were four winged sexy babes to the south that are sad their treasure is gone, and to the east was a giant toad demon that sat on a pile of gems and money. Baelfjord almost one-shotted the giant toad, but then didn't, but it's okay because the toad didn't do much in one round and was subsequently ripped open. We filled the corpse of the giant toad with treasure and shoved it through our moon gate and definitely are going to try to make something cool out of it. Or raise a zombie giant toad. We'll see.


Dana the Dwarf (raised)
Bilmungr af Spondelag (raised)
A bunch of hirelings
2 Wardogs


9100 Copper pieces
4550 + 1800 Silver pieces
273 + 540 Gold Pieces
Scroll of Protection from Undead
Fancy-looking short sword

Each full share of treasure was worth 2748 SP.

Monsters slain

7 Salamanders at 800 XP
1 Giant toad demon at 1,700 XP

Each full share of monster experience was worth 695 XP

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