Gho sfthunt part 3: Toc ain't afraid of no ghost

The Cast

Benedictish Frankwich
Dana the Dwarf
Faerius Yew, the Anti-cleric
Harriet the Halfling
Pete who was recently a bird
Ser Cleve the Thief
Someone Pate? (srry)
Toc the Destroyer
William Bucket Embercroctch (you can call him Bill)

The Plot

Toc dueled the ghost in one-on-one combat and won. She also got aged 50 years, but still doesn't look a day over 35. In celebration, most people went carousing and, totally shit-faced, and led by Billbucket, caused a bunch of ruckus.

We sailed in search of a cave or a tiara or something, but all we found were some wildlings hanging out with a troll and an anti-cleric. That was no good, so we fried them with a lightening bolt.

We did find an interesting cave that had a magic horn in it… and some more wild dudes tried to trap us inside or something but we instead trapped them.

We then headed back to Huge Red to chill for a while.

The Victims

Finulla the Ghost of the Admiral of Thornell (3100 xp split by Toc, Pete, and Faerius)
1 lvl 5 anti-cleric (240 xp)
2 lvl 4 fighters (120 xp ea)
A score of level 1s (15 xp ea)

The Spoils

  • some sweet magic armor
  • some not so sweet cursed armor
  • a sweet magic horn
  • An antique seal from the Admiral of Thornell
  • a different antique seal from the Kings of Lonhall
  • 3 fancy rings
  • a fancy gold belt buckle
  • a potion of Treasure Finding
  • an S&M collar
  • a fancy key fob
  • Some coins and gems
  • Probably some other stuff
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