Cordelia's corsairs II: the epic Duel

After making the crossing in a night under the trade winds, the Hard Top lies in port in Saltdon. Nearby, in sight of the Thoronnell coasts, she was attacked by wild men from the Northeast, who took the shapes of bears as they leapt over the boards, leaving their rickety ship to the mercy of the waves—but they were defeated with only a few losses. This week, Cordelia plans to complete the journey to the Stone Lands, where our young adventurers might join the great heroes they have heard about as they strike at the strongholds of The Fell Heart.

The Party

Mumblefluff, the Admiral of the Fleet
Captain Cordelia with her Worg Grover
Captain Sadie
Tok, the Destroyer
Party Pooper, Elf
Ferreus Yew, Shadow Cleric
a new magic user and his war dog Woolly Mammoth

We are Sailing

The party, having crossed from Sstabhmontown to Saldon last week, readied itself to sail to the Stonelands. Cordelia, clutching the cursed blade of Chaos Aarkendir, captained the Doktor Hard Supreme Tight Top. Sadie captained the Coolboatnames.Biz.

Seeing we were joined by Tok armed with the Retribution, the rose of Denmark, the Silent Hope, the second half of the mighty two handed sword, enemy and foil to Aarkendir, we carefully seperated the lawful of our ranks from the chaotic, lest Tok or Cordelia should fall under the influence of their weapons in the presence of their foes.

The Confrontation

However, Cordelia ran aground on a rugged, stony island shortly after setting out. Seeing no other option, Cordelia called upon the Giant's Strength of her sword Aarkendir. Cordelia shoved the ship loose, but on the other ship, something awakened in Tok. With fury, as if possessed by a spirit of vengeance, Tok drew the Lawful blade of Retribution - a blade which now demanded the defeat of Cordelia in a voice Tok could not resist.

As Cordelia pried her ship free, the Island below stirred - only too late did Cordelia realize that she stood on the back of a Giant Turtle. Quickly Cordelia hastened to the rope tying her to the boat, but in an instant the threads severed and Tok stood between Cordelia and escape with eyes of fire and the righteous aura of the Lawful.

The Crew stood petrified. Cordelia prepared to defend herself but realized the power of Tok's blade had robbed the Strength of Giants from her body. The two heroes, driven to enmity by the power of their weapons, clashed with thunderous fury on the back of the mighty Turtle (which threatened to turn from battleground to opponent at any moment). As the crew watched, Cordelia fumbled across the leathery shell. Tok wordlessly moved in for the kill as Cordelia, helpless, desperately scrambled; we had seen this before, felt the final moments before Tok's might struck down a foe, but never with such a tension as when we looked on the fear in Cordelia's eyes. Suddenly, a magic spell gripped Tok and the control of the Lawful Blade was challenged by a new allegiance to a magic user, peering over the rails and pleading for the life of Cordelia. Seeing the foe humiliated, Tok victoriously withdrew from the assault.

The blade would have to be slaked by this victory. No words were spoken. Even the salty air stood still as each warrior ascended the deck of their vessel.

What power do we trifle with?

The Trek

Carrying on North, we found ourselves assailed by a flock of seagulls as thick as a fog. suddenly, six gigantic birds were on our deck. Without missing a beat, Captain Sadie threw the birds some rations, which bobbed in the sea and drew the birds' black, orb like eyes. The birds left our vessel and we put into a settlement on the southern coast of the Stone Lands, exhausted from our travels.

some of our rank had visited this place before, and were afraid we were not going to be greeted as friends. However, the trip went smoothly, and we were able to reconnoiter the town and learn of two routes we might take; One, to the West, and up the coast til we reached Kiviji, where we would disembark our ships and journey overland to reach Vaargtern; the Second, a much longer sail to the East and around to the inlet Vaargtern sits upon. Both carried great risks - the second trip took us far from civilized lands and into the dangerous Moor Meerie, the first required we disembark the support of our Pirate escorts.

In the end, we decided we would sail West and take our chances on the roads rather than take our chances on a sea which had been so cruel to us; Cordelia would disembark us and return to the Seas, and we would follow the Elf Mumblefluff overland.

However, the journey was not a safe one. As we sailed, icy hands appeared on the deck and a group of sinister animated corpses pulled themselves over the deck. Fortunately, Tok was able to safely call upon the power of the Blade and, with the power of our clerics, we were able to fend the monsters off safely. Our journey so fraught with peril, we pulled into Kiviji and sought to rest 'fore we made the overland journey, past the Abbey and over the plains, to Vaargtern.

Monsters Slain

10 Wights (?) at 80 XP per

Treasure Found


Next Week?!

let's just get the Gazpacho to pick us up

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