Braynoch's Cliffs XXII: Down, Down, Down

This week: back into the dungeon! To explore the remaining rooms of “Coolville”, or perhaps to battle within the Fortress Level.

The party

Mumblefluff with Benedictish Frankwich, and Silent X
Princess with Snookums
Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen with Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer
Geoffrey Diamonds with Hashtag Goku
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham with Deagh
Bob with Hayzeus the Meek and Fuckslayer
Dana with Reta Bigbad and Armand Hammer
Russet Potato
Bilmungr af Spondelag


Breaking and Entering

Rosencrantz and Baelfjord broke into Geoffrey Diamonds' place while drunk, and ran into his basement to kill a wraith he had as a security device and for questioning. They did so, but not before Rosencrantz was again level drained by the same wraith. They also killed two squishybabies :(


We were split up into three strike teams: Team Sneaky Halflings (And Sometimes Goblins) lead by Bob snuck around to check out potentially dangerous things; Team Newbie 2.0 under direction of Geoffrey Diamonds filled the front rank with shields and spears and high AC to take the brunt of the damage; and the Main Party (team strike force?) led by Mumblefluff, who shot missiles and slayed all the things.

We decided to take the scenic route to the Fortress level, which actually turned out okay except for when we faced those fear demons and almost everyone failed their saves was frozen in terror. We ended up checking out the area where Jebjick the Heretic was captured, and found the great treasure that he had previously made mention of. Then we went a little deeper (JOMR)… and encountered the lair of some kind of giant boring creature (as in it makes tunnels, not that it is uninteresting. A creature that makes 20-foot wide tunnels is probably quite interesting!). We didn't encounter whatever creature made the huge tunnels, but there were some quite grotesque statues that kept moving towards us when we weren't looking that were trying not to breathe. We solved that conundrum for them though. Get it? Because slain monsters don't breathe. Also, Gate of the Moon is a great fucking spell and needs to be used more often.

Upon exiting the dungeon, Geoffrey Diamonds charmed Rosencrantz and made him swear oath on the spot he killed Oriabelle to help him get a new ghost.

Next Week

That chest that we just never seem to make it to, there are still known areas to clear out, and newly discovered ones to scour. Olbrectus is still around, too… And then there's that whole Not Dying thing (which is going pretty well right now, tbh).




  • A scarf that everyone fought over
  • A gold ring
  • ~13000 cp
  • 4000 sp
  • 160 gp
  • 6 pp
  • Dozens of gems

Each share of treasure was worth: 2181 sp

Monsters slain

3 Fear Demons @ 600 xp ea.
7 Gargoyles @ 400 xp ea.
8 Great Garoyles @ 800 xp ea.

Each share of experience was worth:
508 xp (full)
254 xp (half)

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