October 26, 2015 - Nice day for a walk

The Party:

Benedictish Frankwich, King-in-Waiting/Minister of Interior Decorating
Ser Cleve, Sharper/Net-Minder
Billbucket Embercrotch, Anxious/Fushcia
Pilate, Cleric/Animal Translator
Princess, Imperator/Valkyrie
Dolf, Fighter/Carousing Enthusiast
Tok, Dwarf Powerhouse
Dana Defender of foxes

Cool stuff happened

Imperator Princess became a valkyrie and said a thing in the voice of angels and it was sweet. She didn't need her sword and so it was taken up by Lawful Dwarf Tok; the Silent Hope, Retribution, the Rose of Denmark, has a new wielder. So we got quite a bit more badass on the whole.

If the Boat doesn't Float …

We couldn't make it go. So we talked to animals and found out 16 robed people were seen retreating southeast. So we marched over the Moore Merie, to the southeast. Periodically, we talked to animals to find our bearing and it was pretty effective. We knew that our quarry was in the cliffs just past the glacier, and that they were joined each night by 12 warriors.

Goblin Attack!

Goblins attacked. They were jerks but it turns out that between Billbucket's sleeping spell, Benedict being a killing machine, and Princess's new fear gaze, Tok didn't get to use that sweet new sword :(

Bruce Vein

At sunup we talked to a bat named Bruce Vein. He really liked Pilate and was a really helpful guide with a sweet accent. If we range through this area again, we should look for him.

Almost there!

As we rounded the glacier on the 5th day of travel, we found a ramshackle settlement in the hills just north of where our destination should have been. It was the home of 12 Rangers, who happened to be a worn down wereguild we had defrauded when we went by the name Morden's Marauders. They thought we were sweet and let us dine with them, and Princess gave a rousing speech with her sweet Valkyrie voice that inspired them to accompany us to our destination and their leader, though they express great terror.

All in all, overland travel wasn't so terrifying and we were awesome. We did not, however, get any sweet treasure of clues to who exactly we are tracking / where they are going, or figure out how to make the ship move again.

Oh yeah


freakin' everywhere we saw raptors, buckets of raptors

Monster/Enemy Experience

XX Goblins at 15xp per




Nobody :)

Next Week!!


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