Fantasy Pub Crawls

We took a change of pace this week, shirking the safety of hex clearing for the thrill of the open sky and not really knowing where we are going. Our goal; Wizard's Crossing, the fortification where the eight colour coded Wizards of the FelHeart conduct their secret research.

The Party

The President Mumblefluff|
Imperator Princess
Dana the Dwarf
William Shakespeare
Pilate Inkhands

Let's Go on a Pub Crawl

We started in Mannerladder following our boat chase last week. We decided that we need to go fight the FelHeart and punch some wizard. Princess, Pilate, and Tok, each lawful and good, took turns on the tiller of the mighty Gazpacho.

We sailed to the Northwest, through the sky, at fantastic speed. However, we met with some troublesome birds that were not really birds. Rather than fight them with our low numbers, we set down to let them pass.

This caused trouble, however, as setting down created an opportunity for some meddlesome bandits to cast a spell ensnaring our ship in vines. Although we were low on magic users, Imperator Princess had a sword which could dispel their effect. The roll being tied, the vines let loose for a quick instant, but Princess was frozen. The Gazpacho flew off to the nearby down of Arrdlewalstonsomething in Thorland, where we went drinking!

Into the Stonelands

The ship continued its quest to the Nortwest, knowing only that Wizards' Crossing is in the Northwest of the Stonelands. We kind of figured we would show up and ask for directions.

Which worked, kind of. We met some woodsmen in a shitty Bailey along the southern coast. They didn't have enough booze for us to carouse, but we got a good reaction check and they let us stay the night and ask questions. They didn't know much about the wizards, but they knew about the local leader, who lived to the North East, and the undread creep along the Southest coast {i'll review my notes and update} and also an Anti-King and his Anti-Pope, who it is foretold will come from the south to fight the true King for the crown of Lonhall.

Not learning what we needed, we decided to follow the coast, since it is an easy landmark and also a likely spot for cities. We found one, and it was sweet. The local leader, Gulsdottir, was very friendly to us. She told us about LIAM DIAMONDS who lives on an Island nearby, and the route to the Wizard Tower - a 6 day flight away - and most importantly THE MOTHER LOVING WIZARDS

8 Wizards in a Tower, 8 Rappers in the Wu-Tang Clan…coincidence?!

The White The Maker, from the south and who assembled the other Wizards. Challenges Wizards to duels and devours their being when they lose.

The Red Who kills with his Gaze and makes mummies from the bodies of foes.

The Blue

The Grey

The Brown

The Gold

The Green who knows the ways of faerie folk

Another Wizard!

We decidedly cannot fight that many Wizards and also their mummies and iron golems so we need a plan



Treasure and Experience

Nothing (except what you got from Carousing up to 3 times)

Next Week

Shame on a Wizard who try to run game on a Wizard

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