Braynoch's Cliffs XXI: The Squad-ening

With Olbrechtus, king goblin of the cliffs, chased from his lair, the upper level of the dungeon is now occupied by our allies from the order of St. Calnica—only a handful of dark corners remain. Still, men and women of the order occasionally go missing, so something must be continuing sorties from below. Perhaps the captured, sleeping goblins carried from his hall last week shall shed some light on the situation. And of course, many more mysteries await in the lower levels.

The party

Mumblefluff with Benedictish Frankwich, and Silent X
Princess with Snookums
Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen with Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer
Geoffrey Diamonds with Hashtag Goku
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham with Deagh
Bob with Hayzeus the Meek and Fuckslayer
Dolf Whalephin
Jar of Cupboard


The party split up into Team Strike Force and Team Newbie. TSF took the lead into the dungeon to try and get to the fortress level, which we've unfortunately forgotten the way to, and TN took up the back. After a handful of brags and weak burns about Team Newbie having as their leader by TSF, as becoming bored, TN decided to strike off on their own to find a chest that had eluded capture on a higher floor. Immediately, TSF came into some trouble with a handful of stone gargoyles that nearly killed Deagh. Musselmenschen ran to warn Team Newbie the other party was in trouble, and after a brief discussion about how they probably could handle it but nobody would be able to forgive themselves if not, Team Newbie swooped in to save the day and rescued Deagh from getting killed. Or, swooped in at the last second when the fight was almost over anyways and only did enough to make themselves feel good about having contributed, depending on who you talk to. Later on, Brother Daniel ("Frankie"), a wraith who was mad we were opening doors but warmed up to us, was sent off to chase down some lizardpeople who are probably now all going to be wraiths too oops good thing he likes us a lot or that could be doubly shitty.

Next Week

Same goals. There's still one chest to get to. Go deep and clear the fortress, suss out Coolsville or other earlier levels, and generally not die at all are solid options depending on who is playing. Olbrectus is still around, too, probably on Coolsville.

As well, outside of actual in-game actions, thoughts about how to better organize our party in meat space are encouraged.




A set of armor with a cross inlaid upon the chest worth
A painting worth
A censer
A comb
_ CP
_ SP
___ GP

Each share of treasure was worth ?

Monsters slain

5? Gargoyles @ _ per
2? lizardpeople @ _
_ per

Each share of experience was worth

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