Braynoch's Cliff: End of an Era

The Party

President Mumblefluff with Benedictish Frankwich
Hashtag Goku with Lazlow and Gierdha
Baelfjord with Imperator Urinitus
Imperator Princess
King Reta Bigbad
Ser Cleve the Thief with Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer and Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen

A Bold Strategy

Our plan this game was straight offense, to rush the Demon Queen and give her no chance to flee from us again. Ghost Squad 360 No Clip was to enter the ethereal while Meatspace GotY Edition would sit in the material, so she couldn't avoid us by entering one or the other.

Deagh summoned a 15 HD turd to accompany us into the dungeon.

Into the Fire

Immediately upon entering the dungeon, we were set upon by glabrezu, vrocks, and other demons. This fight went poorly, as we missed each other more than hit. Eventually they were feared and beaten down, and we proceeded into the dungeon further, only to find that we had no way of communicating between ghost squad and meatspace, so we reconvened back to the original room we started in.

Purple Maze

While waiting in this room for our comrades, Meatspace encountered the purple worm. This worked out well, as Ser Cleve mazed it and it disappeared, revealing in the tunnel it was boring a room with some weird women, one of whom had four arms. While we fucked her up, Ghost Squad managed to get into a fight with the Demon Queen.

"As she dies, the marilith vomits blood for *rolls* 7 rounds. The whole time she is apologizing to us and calling out for her mom."
"That's actually one of the worst things that's happened… but I've seen drunk white girls do that, just not with blood!"

Eventually, Meatspace cast locate object upon the scepter the queen held. Having found it and not knowing their comrades weren't with them, and that they were in fact already fighting her, they proceeded onward.

Die Heroic

The Demon Queen, unable to avoid us any longer, quickly came to blows with our heroes. Ghost Squad put the hurt on her heavily, and upon Meatspace arriving and seeing she would now be attacked by the whole party if she stayed in both realms, she turned purely ethereal. Princess fell once to her flurry of blows, but got back up in time to place one more hit upon her before Baelfjord punched her head so hard it broke her neck.

Without uttering a single word between her and us, the Demon Queen was felled. Months of death, fighting, and heartache culminated with us finally victorious.

…but what proceeded can only be described as ghastly. Believing this to be a trick and that the Demon Queen was not truly dead, all her armaments were stripped as she lay still. Princess pooped upon her. Reta took a bite. Mumblefluff shot her in the head, and Goku cut off her arms. The macabre actions took place with grim faces and no true sense of amusement, just the belief that somehow, this was not to be the end and that when the Demon Queen did suddenly rear back to life, at least we had stymied her further and humiliated her before we were actually killed

This did not happen, however. Truly defeated, her body was doused with holy water from Benson's Hill and remove curse was cast upon her material and ethereal forms by Baelfjord and Lazlow. We cut off her head as proof of her defeat, and the final cessation of the foul blood rains upon Lonhall.

Next Game

After a brief intermission, there will still be lots left for us to do. Nearing the endgame for high level characters, finding suitable retirements is a good start. This includes the voyage to the sky country, building a castle, and obtaining positions of power.


The Hag's Sack:

  • 6300 copper pieces
  • 5200 silver pieces
  • 650 gold pieces
  • 680 gem -The President Mumblefluff
  • 118 Amber
  • 1210 Sapphire
  • 115 Alexandrite
  • 117 Diopside
  • 3700 Diamond (Hashtag Goku)
  • 620 Garnet
  • 660 Spinel
  • 127 Diopside
  • 112 Jet
  • 104 Morganite

Worn by the Demon Queen

  • The Scepter of the Kings of Lonhall
  • The short sword Aanawistar Thief-friend
  • The long sword Rirrell's Wrath
  • a Magic Ring
  • Bejewelled long-sword (159 silver pieces)
  • Diadem (319) Imperator Princess
  • Ring (31)
  • Necklace (117)
  • Bangle (106) Imperator Princess
  • Torc (97) Imperator Princess
  • Armband (86) Imperator Princess

Total treasure value: 20808 sp
SHARE: 2601 sp


Kastanza the Halfling

Monsters Slain

Lilith, Ki-Sikile-Lil-La-Kay, Queen of the Demons @ 3800 xp
4 Vrocks @ 1700 xp
3 Toad demons @ 1700 xp
2 boar/gorilla demons @ 2900 xp
3 galbrezu @ 2900 xp
The hag Lani @ 1400
Numena Sal, daughter of the Queen @ 800

TOTAL: 32400
HALF SHARE: 1350 exp
FULL SHARE: 2700 exp

Fantasy League Scores

The Squad Game: Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons league
Scores listed as Kills/Points
Don't forget to divide by your squad power!

Punching Bag Award

Benedictish Frankwich: 52 points of damage taken

**MVP: **

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