Braynoch's Cliff: Suicide Mission

The Party

President Mumblefluff with Benedictish Frankwich
Billbucket with Inga Dickpuncher and Sadie
Hashtag Goku with Lazlow and Gierdha
ImmajehrquƩ Holliƶ
Baelfjord with Deagh
Imperator Princess
King Reta Bigbad
Ser Cleve the Thief with Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer and Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen
El Capo

400 days ago, the crew of the Crimson Dreamweaver were set upon by a flock of awful petrichickens on the shores of Lonhal. Their mighty heroes turned to stone, they sailed to seek the aid of the Enchantress. The heroes undertook a desperate bargain, sealed by other-worldly magics: Slay the Demon Queen and end the Blood Rains, or perish in the attempt. The dungeon beneath Huge Red has taken much from each of us since then, but tonight we stand ready. Tonight we swear a still more powerful oath, this time to our fellow warriors, neigh, heroes, NEIGH … our family. Tonight, we will go to the Queen. We will meet her with all our fury and we will, side by side, fight until we have won, or we have died.

Jub Jub

Baelfjord summoned Barkitor to relieve Jub Jub of her arm and also the sword that was in it. Poor Jubs :( The sword Retribution (with a few other added names: The Quartzbomb, the Cold Bride of Denmark) was taken up by Princess, after Baelfjord fat-shamed her for how much she was eating because of the cursed axe Giltor, which was picked up by King Reta, since goblins are insatiable anyway.

Goodbye, Buck Swanson

Buck Swanson, mad at himself for being unable to take the sweet sword, launched himself into orbit to return to the stars. Immediately after, he began sending Hashtag Goku long-winded paragraphs through his compad talking about his feelings.

Suicide Mission

We launched into the place we left last game and immediately began fighting two demons, one of which had an american flag lapel pin for some reason. Tok got one-shot by one of the demons but bested death, got up, and dusted herself off without even giving a fuck.

After fighting 4-5 other bigass demons and about a million creepybabies (NOT to be confused with stingerbabies), we began fighting projected images of the demon queen, who could automagically charm anyone with fewer than 6 HD. Shitty! We got sweet treasure out of it though and killed a naga, before we began getting attacked by a purple worm and decided to call it quits (also it was super late).

Next Week

We actually kill the demon queen.

Treasure value 27,515 silver

Jewelry total: 4180

  • ring 700 Princess
  • clasp 200
  • necklace 20
  • coffer 500
  • earring 200 Princess
  • locket 600
  • statuette 1400
  • anklet 500
  • headband 40
  • coronet 20

gems total 6335

  • blue quartz 10
  • spinel 500
  • onyx 250
  • chrysoprase 75
  • malachite 50
  • obsidian 10
  • moss agate 25
  • citrine 75
  • blue quartz 10
  • alexandrate 500 Princess
  • jet 500
  • tiger eye 10
  • star rose quartz 75
  • lapis 25
  • blue quartz 25
  • lapis 50
  • tourmalaine 750
  • tiger eye 50
  • tourmalaine 750
  • moonstone 10 Princess
  • garnet 500
  • blue quartz 50
  • turqoise 25
  • citrine 100
  • blue quartz 25
  • blue quartz 25
  • rhodocrhosite 25
  • moss agate 25
  • chrysoberyl 500
  • bloodstone 75
  • malachite 50
  • topaz 1000
  • eye agate 10
  • moonstone 75 Princess
  • carnelian 100

golden throne 7000 Reta

silver 5000

gold 500



JubJub Quartzbomb

El Capo

Monsters Slain

Nryatha, succubus sorceress & mistress of spies @ 1700
2 Vrocks @ 1700 xp
2 Toad demons @ 1700 xp
2 boar/gorilla demons @ 2900 xp
15 Creepybabies @ 600 xp
the Naga Astberum @ 2300 xp

HALF SHARE: 1,024 exp
FULL SHARE: 2,048 exp

Fantasy League Scores

The Squad Game: Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons league
Scores listed as Kills/Points
Don't forget to divide by your squad power!
Baelfjord - 2/3400 (Nyratha, Toad Demon)
Deagh - 4/2400 (4 Quasits)
Princess - 8/8100 (5 Quasits, 2 Vrok, a Toad demon)

MVP: Princess
for real though, you really only need Princess on your squad

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