In which we misread our maps, went to the wrong place, and got in trouble for it anyway

The Party

The Ghost Ship

It chased us. We were slowly outrunning it but Ser Cleve the Thief went to fight it anyway. He shot the captain at close range with a lightning bolt and then got dominated. The ghost also hit everyone on the Gazpacho with a fear attack that made them have to be restrained or jump overboard.
The treasure kind of sucked.

The Petri-Chicken

It had the head of a rooster, the tail of a snake, and wings of a bat, and the feathers of a pigeon. It also had three friends just like itself.

We established that the feathers are on the body, not the wings. This is very important for how it can fly.

One of them bit Jubjub and she didn't get better.

The Enchantress Queen of Lonhall hates us now

Monsters Slain


500 gp


Jubjub Quartzbomb (stoned)

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