Braynoch's Cliff: Assault on the Throne Room

The Party

Benedictish Frankwich with Jubjub Quartzbomb
Geoffrey Diamonds with Helvetica, Giertha and Marmok
Imperator Princess
King Reta Bigbad
John Baelfjord with Deagh and Buck Swanson 420
Ser Cleve the Thief with Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer and Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen
Tok with Marienna

Things in the North

A spikey moat and pallisade was built around the church in Darkstrall.

The Dungeon

We moongated down to the place where the efreet was before we killed him and then we summoned Barkitor Svenson, the demon dog who is really good at digging. Barkitor dug through a wall where we found a stairway that lead directly to the Throne Room area. We burst in the room where the baddies were and started killing them. Buck Swanson had some sweet minigun action and hit something for the first time ever. There are machineguns in our d&d game and nobody thinks this is weird.

Also, we smack talked a demon over ESP.

Wizards are never late

They arrive exactly when they mean to, and for Ser Cleve and Geoffrey Diamonds, that's around when the fight started getting really hairy.

A few well-timed spells put the swing back into the party's favor after they killed the Chimera, and soon Vrocky Balboa, Vrock Swanson, and a third vrock we named but I forgot were down, including the red dragon jerk that was trying to masquerade as a vrock. Princess killed a Vrock and a Dragon and everyone was impressed.

Some jerks charmed our elf and she decided it would be fun to hang out in an evil circle of jerks. Probably she is still there, it seemed like an interesting circle.

Schlongzor violated an ice hole multiple times and everyone was uncomfortable. Demons are weird.


We looted the treasure and Buck Swanson did a super rad move by grabbing a sword out of the pile and killing a thing all in one go. Having killed the biggest baddies in the fight and got the treasure, combined with the fact it was almost 1:30 AM, we decided to leave the dungeon and come back to mop up later. We left Schlongzor behind because he makes everyone really uncomfortable and the jokes were becoming unbearable.


1 golden -2 Longsword. It's mostly for show.
1 Onyx Dog Statue that summons a 2HD dog 12 times that will find anything if it doesn't die on the way.
1000 gp

Share: 1250sp

Monsters Slain

1 Chimera @ 1700 EXP
1 Red Dragon @ 2300 EXP
4 Vrocks @ 1700 EXP
3 Quasits @ 600 EXP

Full share:



Fantasy League Scores

The Squad Game: Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons league
Scores listed as Kills/Points
Don't forget to divide by your squad power!

Benedictish - 2/1200 (2 quasits)
Deagh - 1/1700 (1 chimera)
Jubjub - 2/3400 (2 vroks)
Princess - 2/4000 (1 vrok, 1 dragon)
Reta - 1/600 (1 quasit)
Unknown - 1 vrok

MVP: Princess

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