The Hunters are the Hunted

The Party

Benedictish Frankwich with Jubjub Quartzbomb
Billbucket with Inga Dickpuncher and Sadie
Geoffrey Diamonds with Helvetica
Immajehrqué Holliö
Imperator Princess
King Reta Bigbad
Ser Cleve the Thief with Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer and Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen

The (Mis)Adventure

In the pre-amble, Dana decided she was sick of the dungeon and went to go help out with this "Fel-heart" situation. Dana and a hired halfling were checking things out when they came upon a damsel in distress and you know how that guy's got a serious hero complex, so he tried to save her. He maybe could've done it too if he wasn't such a hero and had stepped out of the way when she asked. But instead, Dana "insisted" and was then Held and then sacrificed (right after the maiden he was trying to save) so that Osk could call the Curse of Darkstroll down upon our heroes. The halfling fled in panic, leaving no one to inform the rest of the party what had happened.

"Maybe this will teach those meddling adventurers" - Osk

Turned out the maiden was Sarah, wife of Deagh, and she was sacrificed so that Osk could cast a curse on Deagh.

The Hunt

When Dana didn't show up for the regularly schedule rendezvous, it was suspect. Hayzeus communed with Pluto to determine her whereabouts, and learned that he was not on the plane of the living, but he also had not been ferried to the underworld by Pluto because he "belonged to someone else". The party decided to try to rescue Dana, if only to get his sweet gear back.

When we arrived in Darkstroll, all was quiet. Too quiet. We moored beside a longship that was pretty much empty except for four dudes. We charm/slept them, and discovered the names of their Commanders: Tranguar the Ardent, The Sturgeon's Ambassador, and the Paladin. We started stealing their sweet loot because who wouldn’t?

Team Malp decided to scout things out… and encountered/recruited? some hilarious annoying pixies who were giggling at the thought of what was to come. Then, as all the creatures and trees and the earth itself was leaping out of the way to let it pass, the Hunt was upon them. Ser Cleve fled before the hunt, but Reta Bigbad was swallowed up by the on-rushing storm.

A terrifying Manticore emerged from the church, and Hayzeus used Ice Storm to pretty effectively slaughter almost everyone who had taken refuge there including the MAN-ticore. Everyone who was in town made a run for the sanctuary of the chapel, for surely a surly bitch would be less dangerous than all the creatures of chaos dead set on one goal. (Get it? Because their goal was to kill us? Hah.) A battle ensued. Ser Cleve the Thief snuck into the church in the form of a cockroach, escaping the hunt. Reta joined the hunt, and charged forward to attack the nearest dwarf, Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer, who then dragged her into the church where she was safe.

Everyone who could reach the safety of the church followed Princess' lead and fled for the ships. The hunt was upon them. Some escaped and some were never found. Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen did not flee but challenged the Hunter, Cernunnos, to one-on-one combat. The Hunter dealt Musselmenschen a mighty blow with his spear but Mussel kept his footing.

Geoffrey Diamonds, knowledgeable about the world as he is, tried to appease the Hunters with an offering of mead and jasper, but they were not swayed from their quarry. He and Gierdha tried to fly away but GD was knocked from her grasp.

Gyorrj and Jubjub squared off against Osk and her last remaining bodyguard. Osk's underling was slain, and Osk herself, stripped of her armor and her sword was sent out to face the Hunter as an offering. And so the hunt was called off just in time.

Loot …[I'm making up names for the gems to make claims easier. Remember to account for any items you're buying out of treasure.]

3600 sp
360 gp
Book The Precise Principle… @ 1200 sp [Ser Cleve]
Book Study Concerning… @ 1200 sp [Geoffrey Diamonds]
Book Know Your Poisons @ 1200 sp [Benedictish]
Ruby @ 600
Opal @ 600
Topaz @ 600
Emerald x 1800 sp [Benedictish]
Carved gold armband (3600 sp)
Longship @ 5000 sp

TREASURE SHARE = 3,833 each to the following MAIN characters: Benedictish Frankwich, Geoffrey Diamonds, Ser Cleve the Sharper, Imperator Princess, King Reta Bigbad- Doghater, Billbucket Embercrotch.

The following treasures belonged to the late Dana the Dwarf; the group gains experience for them as noted below but they will remain unclaimed/unclaimable as either Dana is resurrected or they are willed to King Reta Bigbad, Doghater.

Gem of True Seeing
1 potion of cure critical wounds
1 healing potion
5 candles of darkness
1 scroll cure critical wounds
Bob's Little Book of Learning
Bendy Spear
10 Holy Crossbow Bolts
17 Holy Arrows
Helmet with Iron Beard

513 gp
7 sp
3 cp
Emerald @ 1000 sp
Emerald @ 739 sp
Emerald @ 500 sp
Ziozite @ 488 sp
Ziozite @ 416 sp
Hidinite @ 279 sp
Peridot @ 662 sp
Nephrite @ 125 sp
Chrysoberyl @ 125 sp

Experience share: 1578
If you have multiple characters remember to divide this among your characters if you brought multiple people. This experience is divided like treasure experience, not monster experience.
*no treasure to be claimed.**

Monsters Slain

A pixie
Six Followers of the Fel Heart
Osk The "Paladin"
Tranguar The Ardent
The Sturgeon's Ambassador
Maybe some falcons?

Half Share: 169
Full Share: 338


Hayzeus the Meek

Fantasy League Scores

The Squad Game: Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons league
Scores listed as Kills/Points
Don't forget to divide by your squad power!

Geoffrey Diamonds - 4/600 (3 x 3HD followers (sleep), 1 lvl 5 fighters (lightening bolt))
Hayzeus - 4/960 (2 lvl 5 fighters, Tranguar, the Ambassador (ice storm))
Gyorry - 1/240 (Osk's bodyguard)
Jubjub - 1/400 (Osk)
Ser Cleve - 1/240 (Pixie)

MVP: Hayzeus

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