Braynoch's Cliff: The King is Dead, Long Live the King

The party

Baelfjord w/ Deagh
Billbucket w/ Giethera
Dana w/ King Reta
Hashtag Goku w/ Gierdha
The President Mumblefluff w/ Benedictish Frankwich and Jubjub
Ser Cleve w/ Gustav Musselmenschen w/ Schlonzor
Shamala Malalala
TOC w/ Marine

The North

A bunch of people went North to help stab and burn the Felheart. Ralfh made a trap, I hope someone falls in.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts

Some wraiths were afraid of the clerics and also the Valkyrie, but a spectre in black armor appeared until Reta killed him.

Done like dinner

Reta chatted with a bigbear and Hashtagoku finally killed Old Breakfast once and for all. And then Hayzeus, charmed by the barghest that's not Maxwell, almost killed half the party. But then he didn't, and we took Maxwell the body Breakfast. And there's still a barghest (not Maxwell) wandering around the fortress level.

We also discovered these weird statues that Dana said were kind of breathing, carved into pillars in a room in Aaron's fortress. I wonder who they are? Their names are:


170 GP
335 SP
Fine Robes (200 sp)
Fancy pearl hair pin (100 sp)
Reta's Dogslicer
Reta's Trophies
Potion of Giant Strength
A set of chimes

Monsters Slain

8 Ghouls
1 deposed goblin king
16+18 bats

Fantasy League Scores

The Squad Game: Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons league

Baelfjord 2/120
Benedictish 1/240
Hashtag Goku 3/520
Hayzeus 5/300
Jubjub 2/460
Mariane 1/240
Musselmenschen 1/60
Princess 2/480
Rita-bigbad 1/1100
Shambalamalamala 1/60

scores in the form (kills/value)
Remember to divide points by your squad power

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